Apr 18, 2014

Good Friday Blessings

Remembering my Lord on this  "Good Friday"  What he did...he did for all! His body broken,his blood spilled. Good for our souls,but Oh,the suffering he endured.....because he first loved us.

Apr 14, 2014

Something Beautiful

I am calling this one my stained glass window...when its finished I will hang it in my front window.

I think I am enjoying this project more than any other. What started out as a project just to use up scrap yarn is turning into something beautiful....kinda like life sometime....don't you think.

Have a blessed week friends

Apr 9, 2014

Easter Decorations

Thought I would share my Easter decorations with all of you. One or two of the pictures turned out pretty dark,sorry about that. Hope your week has been a blessing thus far. I am off today to spend a few days with my parents,be back on the weekend. Take care and may God bless. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Apr 7, 2014


I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today is my daddy's birthday,we celebrated yesterday at my brothers home on the lake. The weather here has been cold and rainy the past few days so,most of our time was spent indoors. My dad is 84 today,I feel so blessed to still have him with us. And my mama too. Life is precious,we should not take one day for granite. Just in the past few days two friends have gone to be with Jesus? While I am so sad for their loved ones left to grieve.......I am trying my best to be happy for their souls....home at last for eternity with God! The way of the redeemed!

My daddy and I, once upon a time. I was very shy as a child. Very shy!

And tomorrow,the 8th will be my eldest birthday. Regina will be 39....now that is so very hard for me to believe. If you are a mama of grown children,then you fully understand :-)

In my mind she will forever be like this.....

Happy memories..... good times with these two that mean so very much to me.

Blessings dear friends.....God is good.....all the time

Apr 2, 2014

Tablet Accessory

I crocheted a sleeve for my new tablet my daughter bought for me a while back. I have been using it a lot to get on line ,instead of my desktop,which has issues.I didn't use a pattern,just made it up as I went along. Just a little bigger and it could be made to fit an IPad. Oh,these technical things, who would have ever thought Simply Shelley would be in the middle of such? :-) 

Just raise up the flap and slide it in. I may add a bit more on the front, maybe a flower or two,just to pretty it up a bit! So what do you think? Blessings

Mar 31, 2014

Counting Blessings

I spotted a Hummingbird today. Time to clean their feeder and hang it up.
Just one of my blessings I am counting today. Don't we have so many to count? I know I have!

Remember my friend Becky? It won't be long and I'm sure she will be working on her Easter decorating. She has the most wonderful collection of vintage Easter  decor. Here's some pictures from our visit to her house last year.

I'm thankful for my friend Becky ,she's a blessing too!

I am thankful for my  sweet girl Jessie. She has been so faithful as a watch dog.  She is always on guard.

Of course grandchildren are a huge blessing. One of my most wonderful ones of all!

I could  never name all my blessings here in one post. There are just to many to count :-)
Oh,and did I mention you? You are a blessing too!