Jul 29, 2014

Put a cover on ........

I love wearing hats and this one is a favorite.....are you a hat person or no?

This was my choice last Easter....I always wear a hat on Easter Sunday.

A snood I crocheted once.

Another cap like bonnet.

Can't forget my Amish bonnet...haven't wore it in public...... yet  :)

This little gal rather loves her hats too!

I love this old fashion gal's bonnet,but I much rather have some of her Parker's Tonic! Might do me some good :) You are welcome to save these two images, if you like.

Lots of my family like wearing hats as well.  My son calls this hat...his cover!

My beautiful girl..............

Her baby son likes his hats too..........sweet Jaxon! This hat is Texas size.

In this picture my son had just took his new hat off and gave it to his granddaddy. That made me proud. 

My beautiful mother at around 18 yrs old. A true Texas beauty!

And if you have a tea party...one must wear a hat indeed! My friend Betty and I are so over due for a picnic...its been to long.

Thank you for stopping by, now go find your hat and put it on :)   Blessings friend

Jul 26, 2014

Big Baby now has Clothes

My latest dolly rescue, Big Baby now has her clothes on,that's always a good thing,don't you agree?
I put a long sleeve Onesie under this beautiful little dress I purchased at GW because of the hand that's missing four fingers.

Look at the details....just lovely and so sweet.

And this is the Raggedy Ann I rescued the day before Big Baby. She was very dirty and had a hole in one foot. I put her through the washer, although she still has some stains that wouldn't wash out, she really came so much cleaner than I thought she would! She smells nice and clean now as well. She is one of the old dress me type raggedies. She once had black shoes with laces in them to teach little girls to dress themselves. Notice the big buttons?

The little bonnet on the right I crocheted myself for my little granddaughter due to be born in Sept. I am not real happy with how it turned out ,so I am getting some much softer baby yarn today and giving it another try. This was my first attempt at crocheting a baby bonnet! I will show more of this bonnet and the next one in a later post. I pray you are all having a blessed weekend thus far my dear friends.

Jul 24, 2014

Pulling Weeds

From Pinterest

 Results of my last weeding session. Its not out of the house yet,but soon. If you are needing or wanting some advice as to what you should start with when weeding in your own home.....here is a good link from HGTV.
Oh,I did pull that globe out of the pile. Kinda like the colors in it! Since I'm doing a bit of retro in my cottage!

Cute cookie jars,but I just don't need them anymore. I need the space more. That elephant cookie jar made my friend Heidi very happy to be taking it home with her  :)

I cleaned my dresser in the bedroom Tuesday. It was looking like a " catch all " . I can't believe how much more relaxed it made me feel to have a clean organized space there. Don't know if these are normal feelings are some kind of feelings of anxiety being expressed, all I know is, it makes me feel better to clean a cluttered space in my home, and to weed what is not needed or wanted any longer.
Blessings on your week dear friends

Click here to visit my Pinterest board , Weeding my Home.

Jul 21, 2014

Jalyn's Sleep Over........

My ten year old gran, Jalyn came home with me from church last night for a sleep over.  She brought her American Girl doll , Isabel with her. We took pictures of her doll, and mine which is a Gotz doll. Her American girl doll is a few inches bigger than my Gotz doll. We watched a movie together then talked way into the night. She got up this morning and cooked my breakfast.  She is quite the little homemaker.  I am always blessed with her company.

Her doll and mine. 

Speaking of dolls, I am a hopeless dolly mama. I found an old abused baby at a junk shop and could not resist rescuing her. Not only that , but I also rescued a Raggedy Ann over the weekend as well.  It's a very good thing I've done much weeding in my cottage as of late :) I can now afford the room for a few abandoned dolly children.

Here she is after a much needed scrubbing, and I mean a bleach clean scrubbing.  She has some permanent scaring to her from years of abuse.  Bruising, deep scars, some lost eye lashes, and she is even missing four fingers from one of her hands........poor, poor baby, but she's already looking much happier.  She's two feet tall, a big baby girl. I'm going to find some cute clothes for her and then she will be a whole new doll baby.

Blessings on your week my friends

Jul 20, 2014

Come..........into his presence

With all the sorrows in this world, wars, rumors of war, when tomorrow can't be foreseen of such trouble.......our hearts cry should be, Come Lord Jesus,  come.

And still he waits, he delays. ...in hopes that souls turn their hearts to him.

His desire is for it to be so......blessings my sweet friends

The Lord isn't really being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake . He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent. 2 Peter 3:9

Let us come into his presence. ....

Jul 18, 2014

Playing in the Dollhouse

It's a start, howbeit, a small start! I'll be adding more as I find more.
The pictures were taken with my tablet, I'll take better ones at another time with my camera. It's a fun project for sure.....as I said before, not really the dollhouse I originally had in mind, but I am loving it just the same. I know the accessories may not be the appropriate size for this house, but as you know me.......I am the queen of make do ;)  No way am I going for perfection, no such word in my lifes dictionary!

Now, if you want to see some beautiful dollhouses made just for Hitty you can see them here . Blessings my dear friends

Jul 16, 2014

Home is...........

I'm back home, my parents brought me back yesterday.  I awoke this morning to a cheerful bird singing outside my bedroom window ,welcoming me back home.  Isn't it funny how you can miss the sights and sounds of home, even when you have only been gone for a week?  Over the last few weeks I have gone through a time of much worry and distress.  I am happy to say that I have surrendered that to the Lord Jesus and now have my peace back.  Truly, I had peace all along, but I couldn't seem to feel it. Oh ye of little faith, that was me.

A fun thrift mug.

I think a little get away did me a world of good. My mama said it would :)  , and mamas usually know, don't they?   I brought these state plates home from my parents.  Dad had them in his sale items. Regina got them up for me, and the ones hanging before are going to the charity shop.

I have added a few new houseplants as well.

I pray your week is going well my friends.  Blessings  May your home be blessed, may it be a place of peace and tranquility for you.

Jul 11, 2014


Mama and Angel.
 I bought my mama a Berenguer baby doll for her 82nd birthday on the 27th of this month. Her baby came a little prematurly  :)
Mama named her baby Angel. Isn't she a doll?

The little smaller one is mine.
Staying with my parents for a few days....blessings on your weekend dear friends

Jul 7, 2014

Our 4th

We have been coming to this same place for years to watch the fireworks.  The next town over from ours, about 7 miles. Quite impressive show for such a small town too. Its was a wonderfully cool night , very unusual for us to have a cool evening in July.  Blessings on your week my friends

Jul 6, 2014

Simple Sunday

My Dollhouse


May your Lord's Day be blessed