Apr 23, 2014

An Friendly Visit

Remember Becky ,my friend whose home I have been sharing pictures of here at my blog for years now?
Well,Betty and I and our daughters, Regina and Heather went to visit her this past Monday .....we always love going around the holidays because she does wonders displaying all her wonderful vintage and antique collections. She is also the perfect hostess,and spoils us with tea and homemade goodies to enjoy.

I really like this vintage plant stand...isn't it lovely?

And this sweet vintage tin tea set was a favorite of mine this year.

I have always loved this little tea cart.. from my very first visit to Becky's home years ago.

Becky and her husband have incorporated a retro look to their home over the last few years. I like it!

Regina and I thought these old bunnies were darling...aren't they?

Of course,I couldn't not take a picture of her sock monkeys  :)

The entrance to Becky's little office nook............

The picture of her desk below is from last years visit.....I love this spot...so personal and cosy....everyone needs their own little spot :)

My next post will show you some pictures from the garden.  If you click on" Becky's Home" in the label links...you can see other visits to her home through the years.   Blessings to all

Apr 21, 2014

Birds...Blooms and words

I have grown a fond attraction to birds over the last year or two. While I have always admired them,and loved their songs,my interest in them has really heighten. I want to learn more about the different species,their calls and characteristics etc. ,how I may attract them to my yard and so fourth.
Yesterday,I heard a cry and looked at the window...I saw my neighbor daughter running toward my home after something. The look on her face told me she was very much frustrated. I went out on the porch and she came from behind my house with a beautiful dead bluebird in the palm of her hand. Miss Kitty had jumped up and snatched it from the bird feeder. She and I both have been working to bring the birds to us,and this was so disappointing,but its to be expected when you have cats, I guess!
 While I just have two kitties...my neighbor daughter has over 10. We will be trying to put the feeders up higher this week!

I purchased this copy of Birds and Bloom over the weekend. I am thinking of subscribing to this magazine...for only $7.00 for the year...that's a great deal. Go here if you are interested.

And here you can find Birds and Bloom on Pinterest.

Plants are another thing of nature and God's creation I have a desire to learn more about. Gardening, flowerbeds,houseplants...even wild edibles...weeds...you can eat  :)

Poke weed, or Poke Salad as I call it.


A picture of my houseplants from last summer, they have grown much...I will show you soon. I am just happy to have kept them alive :)

Flowers once from a friends garden.....always a precious gift.

Tasha Tudor's home and garden....what an inspiration.
My family and I had a wonderfully blessed Easter....I pray you did too...

Little Birdie Blessings

Google image

Google image

Apr 20, 2014

He Lives

Wishing you all a most blessed Resurrection Sunday........Because he lives, we live also!

Apr 18, 2014

Good Friday Blessings

Remembering my Lord on this  "Good Friday"  What he did...he did for all! His body broken,his blood spilled. Good for our souls,but Oh,the suffering he endured.....because he first loved us.

Apr 14, 2014

Something Beautiful

I am calling this one my stained glass window...when its finished I will hang it in my front window.

I think I am enjoying this project more than any other. What started out as a project just to use up scrap yarn is turning into something beautiful....kinda like life sometime....don't you think.

Have a blessed week friends

Apr 9, 2014

Easter Decorations

Thought I would share my Easter decorations with all of you. One or two of the pictures turned out pretty dark,sorry about that. Hope your week has been a blessing thus far. I am off today to spend a few days with my parents,be back on the weekend. Take care and may God bless. Hope you enjoy the pictures.