Nov 19, 2014

Simple Shelley's Cottage Soup

Greens from my own front yarn,collard and Swiss chard with onion cooked in some olive oil then......

add,carrots,celery,corn, fresh tomato,and a can of chicken broth and spices...simmer until vegetables are done.....makes for

a yummy,good for you " Cottage Soup". So good,I had two bowls  :)

Some pictures below of my more healthy for me grocery shopping. Same table all three pictures,just different angles so you can see everything I purchased.

Just praying I can make this a life time decision for myself. Blessings to everyone and thanks for stopping by my cottage today.

Nov 15, 2014

Tea Time Talk

There is just something about holding a pretty teacup and saucer in your hands full of hot, good for you tea. My choice for today is......Super fruit green tea . Most especially when the weather is nice and chilly as it is here today at 45 in the afternoon.  I'll be heading out today with my daughter to grocery shop. I'm cleaning my cupboards of unhealthy food and replacing them with more healthy choices.  Praying I can stay on the band wagon of making better choices , healthy choices in many areas of my life, not just the cupboards of  my cottage. My daughter Regina and I had an outing Thursday evening with a couple of friends.  I'm sharing a few pictures below. Its was Christmas open house at our favorite Antique mall.  Doesn't seem like it should be that time of the year again, but yes, it truly is.   Have a blessed weekend my friends,  Shelley  :)

Nov 11, 2014



I've been here before, talking about my decor style. I've tried this and I've tried that. If you have been following me for at least a few years  then you know how I change back and forth.  So, with all that being said ......I have once again changed my mind of style for my home. The retro wasn't working for me!  Did not even feel like home to me much at all. I've done away with it, all of it. My decorating style is and hopefully will continue to be just simply my style........Simply Shelley Style!

Simple,quaint, plain, cozy, comfy! Which is just how Miss Suzy preferred her own home. I loved this story as a child, still do ;)

She is such a good homemaker.

Blessings friends

Nov 8, 2014


That reads contentment to me!

I sent a lot of stuff out the door of my little mobile home/cottage today. Even two large pieces of furniture.  This chest below is going to my daughter's home.


And this vanity as well.

Not to mention all the other stuff that left. I am almost down to those last four dolls. Some persons are getting quite concerned about my giving up so much, but really I'm not having any regrets . One friend even thought something serious must be wrong with me. Did you ever feel you needed to do something and couldn't really explain why?  All I know is , I just feel the need to weed, and at this just feels right to me. I believe somewhere down the road I'll see there was a good reasoning for my years of weeding. I'll look back and think,....This was the reason for my letting go, and , "letting go" has been a big thing for me this year, in more ways than one. If you remember ......I shared with you all about my divorce from my husband after almost 40 years of marriage.  I have been weeding some things materially and emotionally .

I guess in some ways it could all tie in together. I'm not trying to figure it all out really...just following how I'm seeming to be led.  I know the one I follow won't lead me astray. I'm trusting him 100 percent. 

I am content. Maybe more so than ever!

Blessings my friends

Nov 6, 2014

Decisions Decisions

Remember ,I said I was going to choose four dolls to keep? Well, that decision is turning out to be a bit difficult for me.  As far as choosing who stays and who goes, but I'm determined. I will do this!

 Eenie, meenie, miney, mo

Oh dear me!

 Such hard choices......

Still some just gotta go........

To be continued.......blessings my friends

Nov 4, 2014

Simple Changes

I've made some changes to my little sock doll. I thought I'd share what she looks like now, but I'm still not finished with her.

Thought I would remove the yard hair. Instead I just picked out the fibers of the sock which gave her a bit of kinky fine baby hair. I gave her a pacifier too! Now she's well contented, but she still needs her clothes and a blanket.

Quite a difference, right?

Oh, not good.

Guess we can all use changes from time to time........Blessings dear ones

Nov 2, 2014

Simply Thankful

Tis the month to remember to be thankful. We have so much to be thankful for. No matter what ,there is always a reason for thankfulness. Some things I'm thankful for in my life........

Simple things

Silly granddaughters
 Who make me laugh..........

Windows with old cutains

Useful Things

Little mamas

Season decorating
 And other things............

Cuppa tea

Sweet baby faces you!

Be Thankful in all things...............`blessings

Oct 28, 2014

Simple Makings

I've been trying to be creative again. I had a lone sock without a mate so I decided to make a sock doll, of sorts! The black top is the toe of the sock. The collar is a ponytail holder, I tried on for looks.  I didn't like it so it came off!
The little snowman is one I crocheted.

Then I added her eyes and started adding some hair. Now, shes playing in my work basket until I feel like going at it again.

This nose has got to go. I'm not making a mouse! !!!!

I left her alone a minute and shes trying to crawl out! Oh dear me, shes showing her bare tush. No time for diapers and clothes yet. You naughty little thing, back in the basket with you!

Well, if nothing else, shes sure to be one of a kind......not another like this one in the whole world ;)

Now, on to other things.........

This little doll below, Matilda (Tilly), went to live with my dear friend.  Another doll gone, but not forgotten! I'm serious about this paring down business, as I also sent two trash bags full of books to our home town charity shop, and three dolls went to the church nursery for the little ones to enjoy. When I'm done, I'll only be keeping about four dolls, that is "when I'm done "    The deciding which four is kinda difficult for me.

 Blessings my friends