Aug 27, 2014

Changing Colors

Remember awhile back I said I was making a few changes around my home? Well,this is another one of those changes. I decided to add some color and did so by painting the drawers on this chest,with help from my daughter Regina.I kinda like how it turned out. It was dark in my house and these pictures didn't turn out as well as I would have liked.  I also painted the base and metal part of this vintage world globe.

And decided to add some colorful flowers to this vintage vase.

He's got the whole world in his hands

I think all the color is helping my mood and making me feel better. Thank you all so much for your very thoughtful comments on my previous post. The hearing went well. I had peace in my heart and God's favor with me the whole day. I saw it in all that took place. I am so relieved that part is over and done with though.  I feel very hopeful for a bright whatever the Lord has planned for me. I'm just going to take my life from here one day at a time! Blessings to you all

Aug 25, 2014

A Prayer for Peace

I have been carrying a big secret, but as I consider you all my friends, I am going to share my secret with you now. I have been separated from my husband for over five years . I could never bring myself to speak about it here so I have kept it under the rug, so to speak.  It came about through no fault of mine. It has took lots of healing on my part to finely bring myself to make the decision to go ahead with a divorce.  No way was this something I ever foresaw, but its for the best.......I am now sure! I've prayed and sought God for his will to be done. I do believe I'm doing the right thing for myself and my family, but after saying all this...its still a very hard thing to endure.  October would have been 40 years together. Tomorrow is the final hearing.  I would appreciate your prayers for peace in my spirit.  Thank you all so much.......blessings

Aug 21, 2014

Home again

I've been at my parents for the last few days.  I always have a good time with them, and try to go visit as much as I can.  Now I'm back home , sitting on my couch , looking out the window watching the hummingbirds feed on the porch.  I have three feeders hanging up under the porch and two little hummingbirds are just flitting and flying around like little fairies :) They are so amazing.  I have a clothesline strung across the porch and they stop and rest on it. Such wonderful entertainment watching these marvelous creations of God . My mama and I went to town one day while I was there and did a bit of shopping.  We stopped by one thrift store.  I purchased a couple of books, another baby doll to reborn and a picture frame.  My mom found a few things as well, but she is careful these days too about not bringing to much home. I am feeling the need to go through my home again soon and do a major weeding project.  I sent my daddy back home today wearing my Amish hat from my amish collection.  He is letting his beard grow out again, I teased him and told him he is my amish daddy. I don't have my own vehicle so they pick me up and bring me home when I visit. Right now its not really in my budget to own a vehicle because my income is so low, but its work out fairly well for me not having one. My daughter Regina takes me to my appointments, grocery shopping, and so on. Since, we live right together, I just go when she does . Makes things quite simple :)

I'm still reading the Mitford series by Jan Karon.  I actually found the whole set at the Salvation Army store, for .25 cents each. I'm reading the second book now, A Light in the Window.  I'm enjoying this series, and looking forward to reading the other books in it as well.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Blessings to you all

Aug 16, 2014

Reborning Progress

This post is a continuation of my previous post about the process of reborning dolls, so you might want to scroll down and read that post first. I just wanted to show you the progress I have made with my baby. Remember this is my first try and I'm using a cheaper  " make do " method  :) I found her.

After removing her clothes.........

Then after detaching her body........

Body parts, washed, painted , and now hanging to dry.....I know, a little creepy..right?

My poor home still hasn't got its paint job :(

Head has been washed and now has its first coat of paint applied.

Now here it is after much painting...I even painted the hair on this one. The redness is newborn baby splotches, or stork bites as some call them. I see her lips are to dark, I'll be lightening them up some later.
So what do you think?

Next, I'll be working on sewing her body and reassembling her. I'm having fun with this project. Loving it as a matter of fact....I'm ready to go out and find me some more orphaned babies and reborn them as well. I am hoping I'll get better each time. Today is my birthday, a sweet young friend made me homemade snicker doodle cookies, ( notice the baggie on the right in picture) they are yummy too :)   Happy Birthday to me !  Blessings dear friends

Aug 15, 2014

Reborn Babies

Google image

Have you ever heard of reborning a doll? When I first read the term  "Reborn Doll", I was like......what in the world is a reborn doll? Maybe you too are asking that same question right this minute. I began researching, and discovered I was amazed at the reborn dolls I was seeing on ebay and elsewhere.  These dolls are took and repainted to look very much like real newborn babies.  Not only that , they have soft baby fine  hair thats rooted right into their heads , as well. Some are even made to have breathing mechanisms, that make them appear as if they are really breathing.  Some people find these dolls creepy, but not me. However, while researching I have seen some made very creepy indeed. I can't imagine why someone would want a sweet baby doll with horns and sharp teeth, now thats creepy!

Google image

These sweet babies are not ! You can go here to learn more about reborning dolls.

Google image

The price on these completed dolls range from 100 to in the thousands.  Can you imagine?  Well no way will my budget afford one, and even the kits to create a reborn yourself is fairly expensive.  So me, Simply Shelley...the good queen of make do came up with an idea to make one myself in " make do style " :)

Goggle image

A reborn baby doll kit. Found on google.

Google image

I found a baby doll at the thrift store that has been loved very much, lets just say!  I disassembled her, wash the head, arms and legs, purchased some cheap craft paint and after watching tutorials on you tube, set out to paint my baby. Next , I will be resewing a new body for her and going on from there. I have took a few pictures to show the work as I go along, and then we will have my reborn baby reveal  as soon as I am done with her.  Please, don't expect to see what you see in the pictures here. Remember my baby will be a very cheaply "make do" reborn doll ;)

See you all soon.....have a fun weekend,  Shelley

Aug 13, 2014

Come Quickly

With so much suffering from fellow Christians around the world, its grieves my heart. As believers the best we can do for them is to stay steadfast and pray......... Father God,  thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.  I pray this video will bless you.

Aug 8, 2014

One small Detail.........

One of those little changes I mentioned previously.  Adding some vintage pom pom trim to my lamp shade in the living room. 

Then I came up with a little girl to match this China boy.  I'll be showing more later. 


Now, I just need to learn to fly :)

Hope you have a peaceful weekend...blessings my friends. 

Aug 6, 2014

Chit Chat.........

The latest

I like buying pretty new dish towels and hanging them on the oven door handle.  They are cheap, and make great decoration for the kitchen.  I leave then there until I grow tired of seeing them, then I take them off and throw them in the wash. After washing them I will use them and buy new ones too hang. The kids all know not to use the towels hanging on Meme's oven door :)     

Dresser in my bedroom.  I have to be careful are it becomes a catch all.  The little basket holds all my meds . I'm going to replace the lamp , as I use it for reading and this one just isn't big enough. I gotta see to read!

Have any of you ever read The Mitford series by Jan Karon?
 I just finished book one of the series. At Home in Mitford.

Google image

At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon, is a delightful novel that details the life of Father Tim, the rector of Lord's Chapel in Mitford, North Carolina. Father Tim questions his calling and his ability to lead the parishioners at Lord's Chapel. The town of Mitford and the characters that live there enhance the priest's life throughout the year, bring him great joy and happiness.

Now, I'm looking for number two "A Light in the Window" . I had never read any of this author's books before, and it took me a bit to get interested in this one, but overall  I enjoyed reading it very much.

I am also making a few little quaint changes around the cottage,I'll be sharing that soon. So what are you up too this week ,my friend?  I hope something fun and pleasant,........ Blessings

Aug 2, 2014

Above All....he is!

I love my family,they are most precious to me. I love my friends,kindred spirits that share my life,my ups my downs,for them I am grateful too. I like having things of necessity,those things we just cannot seem to live without. I'm grateful for clean water, food, clothes and a home....necessities! I enjoy also other things that are not so necessary,but still nice to have around, things that make you happy...make you smile just to have them near....blessings.... though not necessarily needful. Like my books, or my dolls, this computer or my tablet, my crochet needle ,and more!  I admit, I do enjoy these things...these extra little blessings! Yet... in saying all this.....God is before....God is first! He is....he must be! Without  him...nothing else matters...truly. I have been tested. I know in my life, he is first.  Without him I am nothing, but through him I have my life, my breath, my strength to press on in the mist of trials, when my flesh is weak...he makes my spirit to soar with eagles wings....I mount to the skies. I do....because of who he is!

Because he is first....he loved me first....despite of loves me. I love him too.....he is my everything! I confess....In life...he is...above all.

Blessings to you all my friends

Jul 31, 2014

Babies and Bonnets

Google image

Hello dear friends.  We are getting some glorious rain here today, and the temps are in the 80's.  For only one day away from August, thats pretty awesome for my neck of the woods. All the plant life is still green and beautiful as well, compared to other summers when by this time everything has dried up and turned a dull brown.  Well, since I posted on hats yesterday, I thought I would show you the new bonnet I crocheted for our newest family member,  sweet Audrey Alexandra ,whom is due to arrive in September.  Remember the other bonnet I made recently and wasn't to happy with? It's the one on the smallest doll in my header picture at the top .

While it turned out really cute, it just wasn't soft enough for a newborn in my opinion.  So I purchased some really soft yarn and set to crocheting another, only this time using a different pattern.  I love how it turned out , and can't wait to see it on our precious Audrey.

So what do you think?  Nothing sweeter than a baby in a bonnet, thats what I think!   Blessings my friends