Dec 17, 2014

Christmas Cottage

The little dolls are all set for Christmas.  They have decorated their cottage, the snow has fallen and filled the roof.

Singing carols around the nativity. 

Little Patsy waiting for refreshments to be served.

All is meek and mild in the nursery. 

It truly is a wonderful life.

Blessings to you my friends

Dec 15, 2014

Antique German Doll

This is a doll given to me recently by a friend.  She is antique with a porcelain head and a wooden jointed body. Shes about 16 inches tall, maybe a little bit more.  Her wig was long curls, but I cut it, liking a short bob cut better for her. She has fit in well, with the other dolls and feels right at home.

I haven't given her a name yet. Any suggestions?

Hope you all have a blessed week.  I had a wonderful visit with my parents. Now I'm back home in my own little nest.  I'm going to try and savor each day before Christmas all , but comes and goes.

Dec 9, 2014

A Great Start for a Good Week.

Sunday after church my girls, my friend Betty, and some of the grands went on the Christmas Tour of Homes in our local area. We had a lot of fun, and got inspired by what we saw. One home was like a southern mansion, really beautiful, but to much over the top for this "simple life loving" lady  ;)
But it's always fun to see how others live, decorate, etc.

Betty and I

A couple of my favorite things.

Teddy bear tree, with an S on it :)
And this beautiful nativity.

My girls and I.
 Kathy, Regina and my DIL Kristy.

 The boys found a black bear on the prowl.

Jaxon and Tristan
 Then they came upon Santa taking a bath.....hehe

Me and my Sweetpea, Jalyn

We ended the day by visiting a couple of elders from our church family that are now living in a nursing home.  That was a bit bittersweet for me. These ladies have been mentors and a great example to me over the years of what it means to be a true woman of faith. Now, they are so near to their end of the race, but oh, the rewards that await them in heaven.

Sis. Wilshire, middle.

Sweet Sis Arber

It was a blessed start of a new week. I pray your week is blessed as well. I'll be leaving in the morning to go stay with my parents for the rest of this week. Gonna share some Christmas fun with them. See you soon.

Dec 7, 2014

Advent Sunday

Second candle lit, Peace.

Second advent Sunday. 
Beginning four Sundays before Christmas, its purpose is twofold: first, it prepares us for the celebration of the birth of Christ and second, it reminds us that we are eagerly waiting for Jesus' return in glory.

Light came into the darkness. 
"Prepare the way of the Lord" serves as a main theme of this season. As we get ready for Christmas, we should not neglect to prepare our lives for Jesus, who came as "the light of the world." His light penetrated a dark world, which allowed all to see their Messiah, and the hope of their future.

The dolls have their own little advent wreath. 

But you, Bethlehem, only a small village in Judah, yet a ruler of Israel will come from you, one whose origins are from a distant past ... And He will stand to lead His flock with the Lord's strength ... Then His people will live undisturbed, for He will be highly honored all around the world. And He will be the source of our peace." (Micah 5:2, 4-5)

Some information found here 

Blessings to all

The birth of Christ is the central event in the history of the earth -- the very thing the whole story has been about." -- C.S. Lewis 

Dec 5, 2014

Busy Little Dolls, and Ole St. Nick

The little dolls of the cottage are making preparations for St. Nicholas Day tomorrow.  They have the Christmas music blaring.  Busy, busy.....fuss, fuss, but so much fun and conversation.  I think they may be just a little bit excited.  Yes, just a little :)
What do you think?

So, do you observe St. Nicholas Day? Heres a site to learn more of St. Nicholas and how this day, December 6th is celebrated.
Blessings friends

Dec 3, 2014


Thank you sweet friends for your kind words and prayers.  I'm feeling better and stronger today. I hear being creative is good for the soul, so I did just that....a bit of some "Simply Shelley" creativeness.

Baby Jesus

Made me smile.  I think he's pretty sweet. Bless you all.......Shelley

Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong. 2 Corinthians 12:10

Dec 2, 2014


Hello my friends.  I love and appreciate you all. I'm just asking for a small prayer from you today.  I'm feeling very very disappointed and hurt. This too shall pass. Love you all, Shelley

Nov 30, 2014

First Advent Sunday

First Advent candle

No fancy wreath, just simply one candle burning in early morning.
I have so much "HOPE"on this first Advent Sunday.  May your Lord's Day be blessed.

Baby in a manger
Christ is the true hope for all mankind.  My hope is, that all mankind will come to believe in the hope and truth of his salvation.

Nov 28, 2014

A Very Thankful Day

Our Thanksgiving Day was great. We spent the day gathering at my eldest sons home.
There was lots of wonderful food to enjoy, but I did not indulge to much. Instead I enjoyed indulging in the sweetness of this precious little one. I hadn't been able to see Audrey much since she was born so, this meme made up on the time I've missed snuggling with her.

Of couse, most of my other grans were there on and off through out the day and I loved visiting with them as well, but I have to share a cute story with you about my Kathy's Jaxon which before Audrey ' s birth was the baby of our family.  When he and his family arrived of course his mommy and sisters were oohing and aweing over the baby so he told Tristan , my little step grandson.....lets go in your room.....all I hear in here is Oh, Audrey,  Audrey,  Audrey. We all of course overheard what he said and had a good laugh.  Somebody was a little jealous of Miss Audrey Alexandra getting all the attention  ;) I made sure he wasn't left out though.

My contribution

Along with some broccoli casserole.  I'm truly very thankful for all God gives!

So, will some of you be starting your Christmas decorating today? I will, along with my daughter Regina's help. Have fun, turn on some Christmas music and enjoy.
 No black Friday shopping for me. Have a blessed week dear friends.

Nov 24, 2014

And So There Remains

When weeding ones home, some things leave, and in my case a whole lot of some things, then other things remain. Below are just a few things that remain in my cottage.

Actually the dollhouse may be going at some point in time. I don't think its suiting Hitty and her friends very well. For them its more the size of a playhouse!

A few little decorative plates I favor.

This is the one that reminds me of Tasha Tudor's work.


These handwork pieces were stitched by a blogging friend.  I've always loved them.

Same dear friend worked this sweet little pillow.

The ME plaque from a "constant" long time friend of mine!

Thats not all I kept, believe me my weeding isn't done yet ;)

I've spent my time today, crocheting, listening to praise and worship music, while cooking a pot roast on the stove. Its been quite comforting. Are you all busy getting ready for Thanksgiving?  I'm not even sure where my family will be spending our Thanksgiving Day yet. Maybe my eldest sons home or maybe my parents.  Either way, I'm sure it'll be a great day. We have much to be thankful for.

Blessings friends

Little Birdie Blessings