Oct 3, 2011

New Beginnings.........

S is for Simpy Shelley
I have been doing some thinking about this blog. I have been blogging now in entirety  for close to five years....starting around 2006 with an AOL Journal. Then about 2007 I discontinued that blog and created this one. I now am coming very close to 1000 posts here. And actually would have already been there but,at one point I deleted a quite a few past posts. I also created two other blogs as some of you know but,have since deleted them. I recently considered deleted this blog and starting a new one but, I have decided to just continue this one but,delete all the former of it,starting over fresh and anew. As you know I already change the name. My style of blogging has change but, I have changed too along the way. Oh,I am still me..just a little different for the better....I like to say I am stronger in many ways,in good ways,in the ways that truly count!
So much has happened in my time sharing here with all of you....good times,hard times and some times that were so devastating I truly didn't think I would be able to lift my head up again for shame of certain circumstances which occurred in my life... And truly I wasn't able to but,God was!
And then there was you...with your encouraging comments and very kind words. They kept me coming back when honestly I thought I would give up blogging altogether. I found it so hard to share anything during that time...somehow everything seemed so unreal or fake to me. I was spiritually blinded for a season but,God was with me all along. His goodness and grace never wavered from me. I knew in my heart that as his word says ..All things work together for the good of those who love him. Romans 8:28
So,it is now that I can look back and see there was some good in a very bad situation. I have grown so much from that point to this point. I trust him so completely.....he is so able to deliver you when you think all hope has gone. So deleting all former post and labels I will begin my journey of blogging anew from this point.
I can truly say that I am not the same person I was when I begin blogging ....not,that I wasn't a good person before but,now I have more insight...I consider some things of more importance and some of less importance.
I know myself better...this Shelley...who I am today. Some stronger...some wiser...I pray more loving and less judgmental.  There was a time when I was Shelley,child of God,mother,wife,grandmother,daughter etc.
It was wonderful to be her but,when things starting changing..my children grew,needing me less, then my husband was gone from our marriage of 34 yrs,our home...I didn't know what to do with Shelley....I didn't know what she needed are wanted are even truly enjoyed outside the needs of others. I was and had been a caregiver almost all my life. When there wasn't anyone left in my home to care for .....I was lost,so to speak!
But,I grieved,grew and learned through it all...I was in counseling for over a year...I rediscovered Shelley..I begin to remember her,what she dreamed about ,what she liked,where she wanted to go with her life. I found everything I needed right here in my life I already have...I just had to think differently. I don't have to have the approval of everyone(less important) about everything I do or say...I only need to know it is OK with my Savoir and my life as,I am living it,is in his will and according to his word(more important). How I live daily,act,think and response to situations....All the others things fall into place! God is first and foremost,coming before any and every person or thing in my life.
Will I continue to struggle in this life?....it is certain...for those who live Godly shall suffer....I count it all joy to suffer for Christ sake and bring about his perfect will for me...Will I find Joy in good times? For sure and for certain.....If I look for it I will find it because it is already here with me...I am surrounded by God and so many blessings he has bestowed.....My eyes are open to him and all he has for me......I am so very blessed!
No need to go on......as I have said time and time again to you...I am content...so truly!
I know not what tomorrow holds but,I know for sure and for certain,Who holds my tomorrow.

(I have decided to keep 25 of my former posts...those I feel are worthy to share with you again at some

Welcome to my new blog..................Blessings,Shelley

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