Oct 22, 2011

Picnic in the Park

As you know from my post yesterday...it was the annual sale of the Ladies Axillary that my friend Betty and I attend every year. We always follow up with a picnic in a beautiful local park in Tyler. The sale was wonderful as always but,I found this year that it was much harder on me physically. It was a long wonderful day but,I am in much pain this morning. I have prayed,taken pain meds,applied patches and still my whole right leg is swelled and in so much pain. I believe most of the pain is coming from the hip but,it is hard to distinguish. Anyway,I am sorry to complain to you all and I am sure I will live over it....smile. It was a very fun day over all...I found a few little things and will share them later. It was Betty's time to host our picnic and she picked a Halloween theme. The table was festive and the food was wonderful! She made the most delicious drink,which was white grape juice,ginger ale and then she added fruit,mixed berries and pineapple. Yummy!

The table
Betty got this idea from Martha Stewart. 
Yummy drink
Betty and I
Today we are having a Harvest Festival at our church. I plan to dress up like Mother Goose and offer to read Nursery Rhymes to any children interested....will see how it goes. Praying this pain eases up before this afternoon. Blessings on your day...Shelley

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