Nov 1, 2011

HO HO HUM.....

This morning I got up thinking...Awe...November...Thanksgiving...Counting our blessings...Pumpkin Pie.....THEN... This came in the mail and got my mind thinking on (you got it)Christmas.
The most wonderful time of the year...or is it? It is after all,the day we celebrate our dear Savior's birth. Isn't that what it is all about? Peace On Earth,Goodwill to Men.....
As they say...That was the plan but,what has most of society turned it in to? That is so hard to answer for certainty...We know and understand all the commercialism that goes with it today.
BUY...BUY..BUY then buy some more! Toys will come off the shelves like hotcakes and be played with for less time than it will take to finish paying off the credit cards they were purchased with. Unless of course,you are one of the more fortunate ones who can pay cash on the spot. Most kids will get so much ,they won't be able to appreciate their things because they already have so much to begin with. When are we going to learn we can't take it with us.....This is just our temporary homes and everything we process at this minute is just that... temporary...Jesus came here to begin with to teach us a better love others as we love lay up our treasures in heaven,where moth and rust can't corrupt. It's better to give than to receive. To forgive so that we ourselves may be forgiven.....To follow him,trust him as our be an be his witness. WOW...I don't even know why all that came out....I promise you I had no intention of typing all this...I started out just to share that lovely catalog with you all and post some pictures from it. I won't apologize for what I have mentioned though because I believe it to be the truth....

As I said before I am making most of my gifts this year....I also plan to keep my Christmas as simple as possible. I do think with all my heart is the most wonderful time of the year...despite all the hustle,bustle and spending is the celebration of our dear Lord Jesus.....Let us keep Christ in this Christmas.

Christmas at Plum Creek....Such a simpler time....I believe most people would  truly love to have a more peaceful,calm Christmas...if they could just get past all the commercialism of it and focus on the true meaning. Notice the crocheted winter bonnets Mary and Laura wore in this episode...I made one for my youngest daughter when she was small and made her wear it to school...she hated it and hasn't forgotten I made her wear it..... I on the other hand was very proud of my

Found on the pages of the above catalog.

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