Jan 13, 2012

I love to Read........

Mary Engelbreit
I am a reader.....not of all books....some books I wouldn't even take in my hands.....but,other books are like windows for me....they teach me, encourage me,take me places I have never been.

I wish I had a room full of books,tucked away somewhere ...my own private library of sorts.
I no longer watch T.V. so,I have much more time to read. There was a time when I didn't have much freedom to do the things I really enjoyed but,now I do.

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I think I could spend hours in such a room...flipping through pages and pages of wonderful books...old books are my favorite to handle. I love the feel of them,the way they smell...am I strange? Smile...
For now..my bedroom is my study,library,kind of sanctuary for me. I almost always have to be alone when reading or studying because I am very easily distracted.  

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Did I mention I love old books ? Google images.

As I have shared before... I love reading about the Amish...Beverly Lewis is  my favorite author.
This is one of the last series I read of hers. Go here to her website to see more of her books.
I am pretty sure I have read all of them except for her children's books and cookbooks.

Of course,my precious Bible will always be the most endearing and profitable book I will ever read or study. It is the book of all books...and always will be! The very true and living word of God.

Matt.24:35 Heaven and earth shall pass away but,my word shall not pass away. Blessings to all

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