Jan 9, 2012

This & That...Chit Chat.

I have been so tired lately,little energy and sleepy much of the time.....also,very short of breathe....If I go to the doctor I know ahead of time what they will tell me....Its all the extra weight...and it very well might be. I can see how so much weight could make me have all these symptoms and more. Along with my other health issues...I rarely feel good anymore. Once in a while...I have a really wonderful day and for those days I am very grateful...not that I am not grateful for everyday,because I truly am...I just appreciate some more than others.
Today,I think I could have stayed in bed,but,I don't allow myself to do that. Now,it is 6:00 p.m. and I am just stalling for another hour or so then I am going to hit the sack....and I will probably hit it hard too :)
I am working on another crochet project and reading a lot at night after I lay down. I hope to get the tree down and the rest of my Christmas decor put away in the next day or two....I don't remember ever having left the tree up this long. I think I am now ready for it all to be put away for another year. I am thinking of working on some Valentine projects too ....just haven't decided exactly what yet. I decided to watch The Passion of the Christ on a VHS tape today...after telling myself I wouldn't ever watch it again. I know why this was only my second time to watch it...its just to painful to endure....my jaws were hurting because I gritted my teeth so much and not to mention all the crying it brought on. I know it is just a movie but,I cry at other movies based on true stories.....and The Passion of the Christ is based upon the truest of truest stories.
In reality.....the suffering of Jesus was most likely more severe than even that movie portrayed. And yet he prayed..Father forgive them for they know not what they do.....What a lesson in forgiveness...I so want to strive to be more like Jesus...in every way. I must decrease...so that he may increase! More praying...more studying his word. When we draw nigh to God...he draws nigh unto us. James 4:8

I am in a bit of a family crisis at this time and I am actually handling it very well....that shows me I am learning to trust God more....I am also learning that I can't fix everything...Only God can fix some things and I am stepping aside and letting him work....while I pray,trust and wait for the outcome. If the outcome isn't what I wanted ,then I will trust him anyway...that he knows best....not I! It feels good not to be emotionally falling about constantly over every big and little thing that goes wrong in my life or the lives of my loved ones.
Remember though...he is still working on me.

I wanted to share with you all these vintage tins I found while at the White Elephant shop...I already this one in the first picture. They are great for storing things in....plus they are pretty to look at....I want more functional things in my home.

I see I left the price sticker on that little white pitcher. I had tried to sell it and didn't so I decided to bring it back into the house...but,forgot to take off my tag :) Didn't see it until I posted this picture.....I need new eye glasses! Don't ya think?

Until next time.......

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