Jan 6, 2012

Trust and Obey........

We are his people and the sheep of his pasture.

I hate when I feel frazzled and unsure of myself....to many wanderings going on in my mind.....to much stuff still in my possession. I visit other blogs...beautiful blogs,cute fun blogs...so much talent...so many different styles of decorating.....I find myself wanting to change my home...to make it look like those other homes. I must remember I am being guided toward a life of simplicity,I am being guided by the Holy Spirit to be what God wills for me at this time in my life. To keep myself focused on him....to keep my mind and my life,in general, uncluttered...focusing on the what is,what can be and not on the what could have been! I still have much work to do( inside and out )but,I can testify I have gained so much ground over this past year.....I will continue to work on the outside and inside...ridding,weeding until I feel like I am where I need to be...where I am supposed to be. That could take the rest of my life...but,as long as I am on track then I am doing well. One day I hope to know in my heart that I made the right move,the right choices....to free myself of extra baggage..spiritually,physically and emotionally. When I get it right on the inside...it will be so evident on the outside...of that I am certain. God has already worked it all out for me...I just need to get on board and follow his plan....Trust and Obey!

Don't worry I will continue to visit your blogs,other blogs...I love seeing what is different in your homes,in your lives....reading the wisdom you share,what works and doesn't work for you...but,still I must remember that that is your home,your life and what is meant for others is not always what is meant for me. I have my own walk.....God is leading me.....I will do my best to listen to that still small voice...when he says walk this way...I will do my best to trust and obey! I have always had a problem with wanting to please people...what they think has a big impact on what I think of myself. I am trying to overcome that thought pattern and have to a certain point. I now realize that it doesn't really matter what others think as long as I am doing what is right in the eyes of my Savior....What I know is right in my heart. So,I don't need to keep up are follow other peoples ideas...None of us are perfect and never shall be as long as we are in these bodies.....But,we can follow the one who is...he will never lead us astray. I hope you get what I am trying to bring across in this post and I don't sound like I am babbling ...Oh,there I go...worrying what you are thinking about this post...see what I mean. But,at least I am recognizing what I am doing and trying to correct myself from thinking that way :) 

My brother made the little church birdhouse...he only had simple tools and carved the cross out by hand. He didn't think it was that wonderful...I do!


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