Feb 3, 2012

Early morning thoughts.....

 Four A.M..........
 That's what time I awoke this morning! After sitting on the side of my bed...praying and reading scripture. I decided to get up and head down my little hallway to the kitchen. I love being up before the daylight.I guess for one reason,it brings back memories of those times of getting up early seeing my children off to school. We lived almost 20 miles from their school at one point and they would be on the bus and on their way by 6:00. But,another reason I love early morning hours is the quite. It is still absolute quite here at 4:00 in the morning,other than the crow of a rooster. I lit candles over my kitchen table,the light moved through the little room softly.I love candle light in the early morning hours.Later there comes sounds of my coffee pot brewing...maybe,a few cars beginning to pass...on their way to and fro.Then just a bit later...just before dawn...A choir of birds began their morning chorus. A perfect beginning...to a beautiful day.
Last night it stormed long and hard....lots of thunder and lighting....the rain poured down...pounding the old metal roof...Funny but,it brought a huge sense of peace to me and also,the thought that ..."Sometimes God calms the Storm...And Sometimes he calms his Child".
I truly had a great sense of peace and calm as I lay in my bed,in the dark and listened to the sound of the thunder as I  watched the lighting flash across the walls of my bedroom.I don't ever remember having such a peace in the mist of such a raging storm. But,it felt wonderful and made me believe that maybe,I truly am learning to trust the Lord more....My beloved is always near...taking care to keep me safe through any storm that invades my territory...within or without! In the natural or the supernatural! All is well.... I truly have no reason to fear.....I will both lay me down in peace and sleep for thou,Lord,only makest me dwell in safety
Blessings to you..my dear friends.Psalms 4:8


marie said...

A lovely morning following a blessed night. I pray the rest of your day (and weekend) continues along on the path.

Hugs to you!

marie said...

A lovely morning following a blessed night. I pray the rest of your day (and weekend) continues along on the path.

Hugs to you!

Andrea said...

I love night storms too...as long as they aren't too windy...then I worry a bit that a tree might blow on our house! But, my favorite waking up noise is a woodpecker pecking...sometimes it is very loud and frightening at first! love,andrea

Patty Sumner said...

Shelley you are such an inspiration. I struggle more each day to get up. It seems I have gotten lazy in my old age. The early morning is so peaceful. I am glad the storm did not get to serious. Blessings and keep on seeking the Lord.

Cheryl said...

What a wonderful description of a wonderful start of the day!! Thank you for sharing that.

I appreciate your comments on my blog, thank you!

Take care, Shelley.

Jacqueline said...

To read this post, I imagined being there with you. Just like I said in a recent letter, or maybe it was on your blog...ha...somewhere I was telling you I would climb into my pj's and join you.

My very first home that I can remember at the Fairyland was a singlewide Rollahome Trailer. I've talked about it at Christmas about dad making the reindeer walk on the roof. In that home, I spent many childhood nights listening to the rain and then when I was living in my Happy Camper the sweet memory returned.
All is well, peace has arrived in the calmest ways.

I went to your pinterest board this morning and re-pinned my favorites. You inspired me to create a simply living board.

Off to work, this week has been much better.