Feb 23, 2012

Lets go outdoors......

 It has been a beautiful day here today...all the way into the low 80's. I just could not make myself stay indoors and do housework...not with the sun shining,the birds in full chorus..All of nature was in its glory...happy to be alive. In the picture above,I doubled two lemon net sacks and fill it with birdseed ...gonna see how the birds like it.

I want a full size bottle tree...for now this will have to do..smile.

Can you see the little birdies peeping their little heads out from under the flowers?

 If we have another hot summer like the last...there won't be much green to see.....trying to absorb it while I can.

All things grow with Love.
 Somethings get Loved more than others around here! The yard and so forth doesn't get to much love from me anymore.......It is all I can do just to walk around in it for a bit.

Duke,Jessie and I spent a lot of time on our old porch today...just relaxing and taking it all in.

I am itching for a garden but,this is it..My little Garden Box. I have these three collard plants which I picked the largest leaves from today to put in a pot with peas..not enough for a mess by themselves. I'm going to get a couple more plants...because,I love me some greens...smile.

Hope your day was lovely too.....blessings


Debbie P. said...

Low 80's?! I bet that was a beautiful day! I just love where you live; always looks like a park!

earlene said...

80's!!!! I am jealous!!
Live the chair with the pan ans herbs.

Just Be Real said...

Seems like everyone was well relaxed and enjoying the lovely day at your abode. Blessings to you Shelley.

Jacqueline said...

Now that was a nice little walk. I love the pic of the dogs, just enjoying the moment!

Low 80's? For goodness sake we are in the low 40's half baked as they say! I would love a Texas well done day like you had, send a bit of warmth our way!

Good you got outside and I'm sure the birds will be thrilled to feed at the bottle tree but I wonder if the bottles will scare them? Not sure, just a thought. I know up north here, we put plain birdhouses out not decorated ones because Washington birds don't seem to enjoy the decorated ones. Picky I guess!

Worked hard all week, got your letters (3) and will reply soon. Writing to our dear Iris first and then back to you.

Love you so much! JJ

Denise said...

From looking at your first photo I can tell you live in the country near woods,Am I right?Oh that would be a dream come true for this city girl.Maybe someday,never too late esp.if we go for full time RVing.I LOVE your bottle tree and all your bird feeders.Birds have really been a joy to me in my older years.Thank you for your dear to me words of encouragement.Blessings Denise

marie said...

Wonderful photos Shelley...I love the sweet chair display! I'm glad you got to get outside and share the green with us!