Mar 15, 2012

Where have you gone..Creativity?

Baby's memory box.
Thought I would share a past creation of mine with you...this was a plain paper mache oval shaped box that I covered in some flora paper..added trim....attached all kinds of little baby treasures. I called it a memory box. I had this for sale years ago in my little shop and my friend purchased it...I do wish I could get back into a creative mood.....maybe soon!

Back side



The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Oh it is SWEEEEET!!!
You must get back into creativity!!!
:-D Yes you must!! ;-)
Blessings and Hugs Linnie

Anonymous said...

Creative seasons come and go . . . I'm sure you will get it back again.

Just Be Real said...

Very nice dear. Blessings.

Jacqueline said...

To sit down and make something is such a captivating experience. I know when I do a project that is crafty, I just love the time spent. It is so relaxing, I often find time slips away during that time without a care. I think time needs to slip away at times with no responsibility, just time to create. Mindless, creative space.