Apr 26, 2012

Flower picking day!

Jaxon was with me yesterday and we decided to go flower picking. We got permission from my neighbor daughter,Regina to gather flowers from her yard as she has a much greener thumb than I do.
Mr.Tom Turkey was on guard and wasn't none the happy because we were picking his flowers...smile.

We had to get Regina to come out and shoo him away,but he was all the more determined to follow us around! He wasn't going to do any harm,but hes bigger than Jaxon and intimidates him. He intimidates me a little too..smile.

Of course while she was out in the yard she had to visit with her critters. They are all very jealous of her attention. Tom wasn't liking the fact that one of the dogs was getting a hug.

He had his turn. Who could love something that look like that? My daughter,of course.

Now,I can see loving on this sweet critter....isn't he pretty?

My little peach tree has the most beautiful,big peaches this year!

Jaxon wanted to do a little peach picking as well.....Not yet Jax,but almost!

Time to head back indoors and make our bouquets.....

One for mommy.............

And one for meme..........

I showed Jaxon how he could chew the end of a clover to get a sour taste!

He had a great time picking flowers and was so proud of his bouquets.....

Napping with Miss Buns!

It truly is the most simplest things that mean the most! Who wouldn't prefer a beautiful bouquet picked by precious little hands,over a dozen roses bought for a huge price at a flower shop!



DollZandThingZ said...

What wonderful photos! Jaxon is adorable! Enjoyed all the photos and just love the turkey hug!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Jaxon has such a darling smile! I have to laugh at old tom turkey! So funny!

marie said...

What fun...picking flowers with a grand!! Looks like it was a splendid day.
You're so right Shelley...nothing better than a little hand full of flowers...even if they're of the weed variety. I much prefer that to roses anyday!!

Marydon said...

Shelley, theswe are themost precious moments making life worthwhile. Jaxon is adorable!

Have a wonderful day ~

Hawthorne said...

Aww, I want to give Tom Turkey a hug too! Great post, Shelley. x x

Anonymous said...

Oh! How Very Sweet! The photos are just precious and Jaxon is the cutest little boy! I know you live with pain in your body, but you have such blessings in your life. So happy for you. *A smile back to you.*

May God be very present with you tomorrow as you worship Him with your church family.

Paula said...

What a beautiful post dear Shelley! Your grandson is adorable and such a sweetie! What a precious gift from the Lord! I love all of your daughter's animals too and would love to give them hugs. How wonderful she loves them so! Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy your pretty posies from your angel boy! Love, Paula xoxo