May 27, 2012

Home again.....

The Lord is good...his mercy is everlasting! I pray you are having a blessed Lord's day. I will be back home today. Mama is doing much better and on her way to a good recovery....thanks for all your prayers. Can't leave my parents home without a few little gifts they picked up for me at Goodwill on their last trip there. Also,a offering from their kitchen cupboard. A pyrex bowl mama has had for many years.
I will share those things with you later in pictures.
Blessings to all,Shelley


janice15 said...

I'm sorry that I miss your Mom's surgery I don't always get to get online, but I'm very glad she is doing well...Have a very blessed day today...with love Janice

The Bear's Blog said...

Blessings. Safe travel prayers.

Hugs ♥

Anonymous said...

♥ Welcome Home! ♥

Love, Lily

marie said...

So glad you're home and so glad to hear your mother is doing well. It mush have been such a blessing toher to have you near.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day Shelley!

sofa covers said...

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