May 8, 2012

Home on Red Rock Hill.....

The heart made to hold hanging baskets was made by my oldest son about 10 years ago.I have always loved it. It is needing a new paint job now.

 Haven't seen the hummingbirds visit yet,but I know they are out and about because I have seen them else where.

Anyone remember the little red chick in the pot above? I have shared it a few other times on this blog.

 I have had this angel about 16 years.....she is concrete and has never been painted until recently...I think she is pretty painted white and she seems content with I have really enjoyed having her around over the years. My daughter Regina has her
You see all those red rocks on the ground? That is why I call my home site "Red Rock Hill"
Everywhere you dig,there are red rocks unearthed. Some are really big!

Moved my bottles to here on the porch. The horse went for the bird feeders and  in doing so broke some of my bottles,my old blue ones :(

Son bought this old chippy bench from the rummage sale we just had at church. I love it.

Helpers...aren't they sweet?

 Big and little ones!

 We are flying the flag for my #2 son who is away at boot camp to become a Marine. He graduates next month. I have to figure out how I am getting out to San Diego to be there with him and see him graduate.
It will happen,and I will get there..just not sure how

Home sweet humble home.......

In the last letter I received from my son he said to me,Mom,I never knew I would miss home so much.
Broke my heart,but made me proud and very happy all at the same time....I guess the saying really is true..."Be it ever so humble..there is no place like home".

Blessings on your home........Shelley


Emily Fay said...

Beautiful photos! I love the heart that holds hanging flowers. It is beautiful! Have a blessed week ahead~

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post - a lovely story told in photos! Your home looks so pretty, especially with all the fresh gardening looking so nice! Blessings! <3, Lily

Raymond Homestead said...

Enjoyed the photos Shelley! That heart your son made is really neat!

Cheap Bedroom said...

Sweet greetings,
Simply Shelley
Not only is the article amazing so is the website! I really love how it is easy on my eyes and the data are well written.

Peggy said...

Looks like a beautiful spring, as well as a beautiful family on Red Rock Hill. Blessings to you.

Jacqueline said...

I love your new look of your home! I want to visit you so bad. We must make that happen before we are in rocking chairs!

YES, please change my blog Shelley, go for it. Something bright and fun. I tried to change it, but I don't see it. The sides were a castle like Disneyland...

Ugh...more and more this computer is getting harder to understand.

marie said...

Love this post Shelley! It's filled with love...fromt he heart your son made (love it) to the flowers being the sweet letter from your soon to be a Marine son. You are so blessed dear Shelley.
I will be praying that all will work togtehr so you can travel to San Diego.

marie said...

P.S. Your porch looks amazing!!!!!