May 19, 2012

Becky's Vintage Flora Baskets.......

The basket above is a vintage funeral arrangement basket from years ago. My friend Becky,whose home I have shared here on my blog many times,has a collection of these baskets,and I have always loved them. In all my years of rambling through flea markets and the such...I haven't been lucky enough to find any,but have always admired Becky's. If you notice the base looks very much like a coffee can. And since my son has been so creative as of lately,I decided to ask him if he thought he might be able to make one  from a coffee can I had saved.

There are two more above in this picture of Becky's home. One is hanging with a plant in it! Its hard to see the handle,but its there.The ones below are much smaller and Becky says she believes these were used as wedding baskets.

And these below are my sons versions....I love them and think he did a wonderful job. He said it was a little hard welding the handles on because the cans were so thin. Burned a few little holes near the handles,but I smiled and told him,that just added more character to them. I think they turned out perfect!

The one below is made from a soup can...much smaller!

Hope your weekend is wonderful....blessings


Marydon said...

I LOVE your baskets. Mother always used a tin can for the grave flower arrangements. Actually, I love your son's creation the best.
Have a wonderful weekend ~

DollZandThingZ said...

Your son did a wonderful job!! Love the ones he made!!

xx Helen

Jacqueline said...

Golly, Thomas could have a side business making yard art and homewares. He has talent...from you or Loyd or grandpa? He is passing his gifts to you, pay it forward! Pretty special. Len is thrilled also you get to ride on that jet plane, far, far away!

Just Be Real said...

Lovely baskets Shelley. What talent. Blessings to you.

Parsley said...

Great baskets!

marie said...

Your son is so talented and I love your vision for those cans. The one you filled with flowers looks beautiful!