Jun 24, 2012

A house blessing!

Hello dear friends,a blessed Lord's day to you! Yesterday,with the help of my twin teen grandsons,I was able to get a bit of much needed housekeeping done. The "Nitty Gritty" stuff! Moving some furniture around in the living room,some deep vacuuming,dusting etc. It was a big job and needed to be done for a while now.
I used to be able to keep on top of such things by myself,but these days I more than not need to ask for help! It's always such a good feeling to accomplish some heavy duty housekeeping. A good feeling of relieve, for just a while anyway :)  Believe me I still have many dust bunnies to conquer!

This beautiful doll is named Baby Gracie,and was given to me by my daughter Regina. She is always busy about her home cleaning and weeding! I become the (blessed) recipient of many of her discards :) But this sweet baby wasn't truly a discard, for Regina loves her, she just wasn't very comfortable displaying her in her home with all her fur babies running about. So, Baby Gracie got to come live with meme!

Isn't she beautiful? Thanks sister,I will cherish her.
 I love my oil lamps. They are not only very useful,but also so pretty!

This is a picture my sweet friend Betty stopped by with as a gift,she saw it,thought of me and it was free!
Thanks Betty!  It's inscribed with a 16th century house blessing!

"Peace be to this house,and to all that dwell in it.
Peace to them that enter,and to them that depart."

I hung it just inside my door.



Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Your home is very cozy and inviting.

earlene said...

Shelley I love oil lamps too but can't stand the smell anymore.
You have sweet pictures.
Blessed sunday to you.

janice15 said...

Baby Grace is indeed very sweet...she seems to fit right in your lovely home...I know what you mean I just tackled my Living Room that was over due as well...One room at a time I say to myself these days for I can't do all that on a weekly basis no more either...once a month I try to pick a room and do a thorough cleaning...Oil lamps are just lovely, I have been wanting to get myself one but haven't succeeded yet...wishing you a lovely day and new week my dear..I do thank you for coming to visit.with love Janice

Denise said...

Shelly,Firstly-How are you feeling?Praying for you.Thank you for taking the time to visit Me.I wanted you to know a nice blogett friend gave Me an answer to My question about the Text boxes.You can go back and read it.I don't understand it yet,I have to study her answer :) Your home is always a blessing for Me to visit.Beautiful and full of warmth.Please Pray for Me July5th-My surgery date.Thank you for everything-Denise

marie said...

Everything looks so cozy...Baby Grace is beautiful and she looks right at home in that high chair!

What a blessing those sweet boys are - I just want to hug them both!

Amrita said...

At home I have a very slow Internet connection, here outside the wifi connection is fast so you page is opening very well. I love all your posts

Barry White said...

I used to have this exact same picture. I bought it at Target around 1998. My life was in turmoil at that time from a relationship breakup and the message on this print really hit home (home sweet home if you will). I hung it up on the wall over my sink (no window there) and it did not have a glass or plastic protective cover over the picture poster. Last year in 2014 I convinced myself to throw it away because after years of splashes from the sink from washing dishes, it had become all warped, faded and wrinkles. Oh how I miss this picture. It is by the artist Linda Spivey and I thought that I could just find it again on the internet. Boy was I wrong! I have been trying to find this picture for over a year now. The only place I saw it was on Ebay but it showed up after it was already sold. Cherish and protect this picture/art work, it is truly one of a kind!