Jun 19, 2012

I'll try again.....

If you follow my blog,you have most likely seen several recent post titles that are no longer here. I tried earlier today to leave a post,but for some reason could just never get it right to suit me, so I just deleted them all. Now here I am explaining myself in yet another post. Something I do a lot of,explaining myself,that is! Sometimes things just seem to get a bit out of kilter for me.
It started last night. I won't go into all the details,too many,but nothing major just some little stressful things before bedtime. Anyway sometimes things just don't work as they should. Other than that mentioned, its really been a very good day today!
My daughter Regina and I took some of the grands and went shopping at our Charity Shop here in town and then out to have lunch at one of the two little cafes here in our very small town. Not a big choice is it? Here or there,we chose here...smile!
We also got some more beautiful rain. Its been coming pretty regular and I am one thankful recipient. Last summer was torturing with heat and no rain in sight for days and days into months.
It has been very hot,but still with good rains....we are still green,compared to all the dying plant life last year. My prayer is that it will continue to rain through the summer! I received a couple of things in the mail from some dear blogging friends. I will take pictures and share them later.
May I just say....you blogging friends are the best! What a blessing each of you are to me. I really mean that from my heart! Guess,I should close and post this before I mess it up too...smile.



Anonymous said...

You have such a sweet spirit, Shelley. I tend to over-explain myself too at times, so you are not alone. I hope that you had fun shopping with your friend. I did a little shopping today as well, and bought me a summer dress. :)

Blessings to you!

Jacqueline said...

Talk to me girlfriend...it's time for an exchange of letters.
That is for sure!
My life is a bit topsey turvey right now...what is new? Ha!

Peggy said...

I hope you are having a better day. Sometimes a bunch of little things can be as overwhelming as one huge one. I was reminded of Ps. 30:5.

annie said...

I enjoy the way you write! I consider the way you share openly to be a blessing to many!