Jun 12, 2012


J.W. and my parents

I will be packing tonight and getting ready to fly out to San Diego CA. tomorrow afternoon. I am excited to see my son...I know he is getting excited too. To know he will be a Marine in just a couple of days and will have family there to watch him graduate. He has been writing and saying he never dreamed how much he would miss home and family.I have missed him too! The next few days will be big for me. I am getting so far out of my comfort zone. Traveling so far from my humble little home,on a plane,no less! I plan to have a good time though,and will be back to tell you all about it!
My daughter has done all the checking with the airlines and they will be there to help with my wheelchair,etc. Thanks to those who have express concerns about that. All your comments have been a huge encouragement to me. You are special friends indeed.......blessings to all of you. Peace to you,in the name of our dear Lord Jesus!


Charity said...

Safe travels!! Have a great trip!

earlene said...

Have a wonderful trip!! And visit!

Peggy said...

I am continuing to lift you up in prayer. I can't wait to hear of your adventures. Congratulations to your son for fulfilling his dreams and serving our country!

annie said...

Congratulations to him, I am thankful for the ones who serve. Blessings on the journey, Go With God!

Anonymous said...

Been praying for you, Shelley, and will continue to! Have an amazing time!