Jun 27, 2012

Random pictures and a prayer request for a blogging friend.

Fun at church camp.
Praying before take off.
Morning kisses. Jax and Colton.
Wild mushrooms in my yard.
One single beautiful rose on my poor sick rose bush.
The tiny speck on top of this huge water tower is my eldest son Thomas. This is his job,building and repairing water towers! Yes,another reason I am a praying mother.

Asking prayer for a blogging friend,  Viv out on a Whim... has a dear sweet grandson gone to be with Jesus...at just 15 days old. You may visit her here ...Sometimes we just think our trials are hard until you learn what someone else is walking through.....Asking God to bless her and her family...especially the young parents of this sweet baby boy ...Jacob.

Blessings to all....


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh Shelley, my heart goes out to this family that lost their baby. I will pray for them!

And the pic of your son on the water tower made my heart flutter. I am SO afraid of heights. Yes, I know you do some serious praying about that son of yours! Bless your heart! Tell him to be careful!!!

You have a great day!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I will be praying for the little ones family. Huggles.