Jul 5, 2012

Good times.....

I think he was a bit excited about the fireworks :) I had a great time with my kiddos last evening celebrating the 4th. Not all were there,but I was thinking of those you were not and enjoying those who were!
I started a big overhaul in my bedroom yesterday...I hope to get finished today,then take some pictures of my efforts. A job that's been a long time coming :) I am on day five of my 90 days with the One and Only, I blogged about here. It is turning out to be a very good and positive thing for me,making sure to put God first,each and everyday. Spending time in his word and prayer. I plan to set some more simple goals for myself soon,developing some rewarding habits in my life. I don't merely wish to just exist day to day,I wish to exist for him....that my life bring him glory and honor...that I become more like his son! That is my greatest desire. Blessings,Shelley

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janice15 said...

Love the music, so relaxing Shelly...I too need to work on my daily of putting God first...sometimes things get so racket I can't think..I often have to stop myself and refocus me...But the good thing is that I have gotten my bible study back on track... :-) Have a blessed day my dear...with love Janice