Jul 24, 2012

While in the dark......

I sat on my porch before dark and crocheted a dishcloth,after dark I lit the tiki lanterns. With one of my oil lamps,sitting on the table..putting off a nice light,I wrote my long time pen pal a letter. It was very warm,but not devastatingly so. There was a cool breeze blowing every so often. This little misfortune of "no electricity" was starting off rather nicely. I stayed outside on  my porch until 1:00 a.m. in the morning,waiting to see if the electricity would come back on. When I realized I could be outside all night waiting,and with my head bobbing..I decided to go back indoors and give it a try at sleeping in my very hot little mobile home. It was miserable to say the least!
I lived for years without means of an air conditioner and never remember suffering so. Is it the fact that I am older now or maybe just the fact I have become more accustomed (spoiled) to the cool air? I think I would have been able to sleep fairly comfortable if I would have at least had the comfort of a box fan.
As I read so many books about the Amish,I have often questioned myself..Could I live as the Amish do....without electricity and so many more conveniences we "Englisher's" enjoy? Well,if it were absolutely necessary ,I believe I could somehow accustomed myself to do so,but after my very recent unasked for experiment... I find myself at this time being evermore appreciative of the luxury of turning on a light switch or turning the setting on my old window unit to High Cool. I truly can say I am so thankful for the knowledge God gave men to discover such wonders. My mother tells me stories of how when she was a girl,they slept outside in beds during the hot summer months in the country. I would find myself screening in my porch and putting a summer bed there if I had no means of indoor air in the summer.....sounds intriguing! But for now I am thankful more than ever for air conditioning :)

Summer porch..............

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Anonymous said...

When I was small I had no idea what a/c was...it wasn't until coming to this country and going through a very hot summer, then an a/c was installed in our very small home.

A summer porch - what a great idea!


Marydon said...

We all survived nicely in the summer heat & winter cold as a youth ... even up until 1987 when I broke down & installed A/C. We enjoyed sitting on our porch in the summer ... the cool breeze ...

Sorry I have been remiss in visiting, but summer has been swamped with both business & family this year. Stay with me, I'll be back more soon.

Anonymous said...

Well...it depends on the area. I lived in Texas one year, and it was hot! So your suffering would be greater then mine, with exceptions of course for heat waves.

My husband grew up in a (brick) row home in Philadelphia, and he said they were like brick ovens!

I grew up in western Pa, and our nights were cool, so that helps for sleeping with fans in the windows.

Lastly, I just drove to Lancaster, Pennsylvania today. Their countryside is so beautiful, driving past their farms. I think if I lived on such a beautiful farm, the sacrifice of not having air conditioning might be worth the view! love,andrea

Amrita said...

Oh I trust you have your electricity restored by now. I enjoy your blog, pictures and artistic displays so much

I have a similarly entitled post on my blog

Just Be Real said...

I remember growing up without central air. We only had one unit in the living room and in my parents bedroom. Us kids had to suffer with the Florida heat. Blessings to you Shelley.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I'm so thankful for my a/c. I think we would adjust. I think we are so spoiled to it that if we didn't have it, we would just adjust. My mom and dad grew up without it.

We were without electricity for quite awhile yesterday but we were gone for most of that time to a homeschool planning meeting, so it actually worked out not too bad for us!

Hope yours is back on Shelley!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I never had a/c until Jack and I married. I remember some uncomfortable, sweaty nights but I never thought anything of it. now it would be quite different.