Aug 31, 2012


I just purchased this little lamp from a shop not far from home. The little figurine was a goodwill find,and the cross a birthday gift. 

My bedroom dresser.

A Sampler I am stitching. An Irish Blessing.

A sister at church braided my hair...I kept it up for two day :)

My babies  

Have you ever read this book? It will certainly stir your spirit!

Blessings dear friends.....have a lovely weekend,Shelley


Mrs. B said...

Oh lovely of you to share your treasures :-)

They are just so pretty. Especially, the kindness of a Sister from the church to make your hair all lovely and pretty.

Mrs. B.

Andrea, Bees and Buttercups said...

You have very pretty hair! I just went to my first consignment shop today and it was so much fun. I got an old cake tin. I like seeing all your "finds" and gifts. love,andrea

Christine said...

Oh I love your hair braided like that! Wish your friend could come over and do mine!
Love the new lamp too!
Have a great weekend

Mrs. J. said...

Your treasures are lovely, thank you for sharing your finds with us. I like the wooden cross with the bead work. I use to have hair long enough to braid like yours, my daughter would do all kinds of braids and styles for me. God bless you.

Andrea, Bees and Buttercups said...

Thank you Shelley. Have a blessed Sunday tomorrow. love,andrea

Deborah said...

You have very pretty hair.

marie said...

Your braided hair is beautiful Shelley!
Love your sampler too! I think stitching is so relaxing...enjoy th etime spent working on your piece.

fireplace surround said...

Your bedroom dresser is so good. You have good treasures.

~ Herman Swan