Sep 7, 2012

More about me....Words!

Little Bear Boo!

Its the weekend once again. Weekends used to be a very busy time for me and my family...we would go to town on Saturdays to pick up things we needed from the store,wash our clothes at the Laundry Mat,maybe stop by a few garage sales or thrift stores. Then we would head back to our little home in the country and settle back in. The children and I would get ready for Sunday and going to church the next day. My husband didn't always attend church with us,just on an occasion. He had rather stay home and sleep in on Sunday mornings.
We lived a very simple life back then,with little money,but content all the same. For the most part we were happy,but there had been some very dark days as well. I don't like remembering them days very much. I just try remembering what was good about our lives back then. I didn't work very much outside the home...because I loved being home,tending to my home and family. My husband was happy with that arrangement as well. We never owned over one vehicle so it wouldn't have been likely I could have worked outside the home anyway in those early years. I did find other ways of earning extra money to contribute to our income though. Mostly through babysitting,light housekeeping,and the like,but more than job was being a Keeper of the Home. In ways I believe that my children were all the more blessed for it!

Well,here am I many years children all grown,no husband in the home...just me,and the dog! My weekends seem to be the same as any other day of the week,with the exception of Sunday(The Lord's Day).
I still find it hard to adjust ...even after years of being just me..and the dog :) I sometimes find it lonely to wake up to just me. I do have my grands,but even they are growing up with lives full of doings of their own,and such as it should be. Some days I love the still,the quiet and the alone time.....I sing out very loud to the Lord. Other times just pray quietly! I may talk to the dog,and even to myself from time to time :)  While my eldest son was here with me for a time around the first of this year...he heard me reading my bible out loud in my room one night...he came to the door and asked if I was reading to Duke(my dog) who has a bed at the foot of my bed on the floor. I just smiled at him! It is a different season in my life that is for sure and for certain...I just haven't come to complete terms with it,but still most days I am very content.
Don't think me discouraged,for I am not.....just remembering a different season in my life!
Blessings on your weekend...may your Lord's day be a very blessed one......Shelley


m.b. said...

Dear Shelley, as I finished reading your words, I realized that Our Lord has placed you here, at this exact time, to share this with others that are probably going through the same thing as you.

Your season, as you call it, can be hard for others, but you have such a gift Shelley, you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you, that guides you and fills you with comfort.

I am sorry that your marriage is no longer, but your companion is now Our Lord Jesus. He is with you every moment of your day.

Be blessed and thank you for your words Shelley...thank you for your willingness to share with honesty and love for Our Savior.


Emily Fay said...

What a blessed post! Thank you for sharing. May you have a beautiful weekend.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Well one thing I know you're going to be alright because you live for the Lord first and foremost and He will be there with you and for you through every season. However, I can imagine what you must be thinking. I know I'm not good with new chapters of life. Thank the Lord we have Him! :)


Andrea, Bees and Buttercups said...

Dear Shelley, yes it is hard to change seasons of life, isn't it?!

I, too, am nostalgic for the past. If my mom or grandmas were living, I'd ask them how it felt to go through life's changes. Or maybe they were just so busy back then, that they didn't have the time to notice.

I want to tell you that I am going to miss you, BECAUSE, I am quitting blogging. This will be my third time for quitting, so I will keep everyone's blog addresses if I come back again and I will pop in and reintroduce myself.

But I just feel that I can make my home busy and homey, but now I want to make my mind simpler and try not using the computer as much. (I will use it to email my kids mostly, as it is good for that.

But I want you to know that I really enjoyed reading your thoughts, and it has helped me to stay grounded in what really matters in life, your faith in Jesus and your love of your family. (and you will have one holy dog!) love,andrea

Andrea, Bees and Buttercups said...

Thank you Shelley! love,andrea

Pendleton Primitives said...

I enjoyed today's post, very wise and full of thought. Take care and please tell the dog I said hello :)

Mrs. J. said...

Our younger farm days were very much the same on Saturdays, yet we had a washer and dryer at the farm, so after laundry we would so our shopping and yard sales. Life was simpler, but a lot of good hard work to keep everything up. Both my hubby and I are from farms, yet we settled in a small town, missing the farm life, yet the older we get we realize we could no longer do such things these days.

My hubby is like yours, seldom does he go to church and since I got ill and cannot go myself, he does not go. It is interesting but the feminist have several times taken surveys to try and prove woman would rather be working outside the home than in the home. Those surveys have always backfired on them. No matter how much time goes on and how much rhetoric the left puts out, most women would rather be home with the kiddies.

I truly believe God created men and women for roles and contentment in the spirit is not achieved unless those roles are fulfilled. God also created us to be in family and community of believers. I meet so many lonely people online who try to find it enough in the fellowship of the Lord alone, but that is not God’s will for us. Trying to get churches to have outreaches for the single and the elderly single alone is so difficult.

The Bible told us that the closer it gets to the coming of the Lord the more selfishness would abound. I grew up in a home with 4 generations living together. It is what God intended, not, all this independent living, but the family with multi generations, under the unity of Christ.

I have many friends who read to their pets and one friend whose cat will curl up on their Bible after reading it. I do believe animals know their creator in some sense and love to hear about Him. They cannot process the words but I cannot help but believe they know their God. One winter day, when deep in prayer, I looked outside and all of a sudden the animals all stopped, the bird, the squirrels, the rabbit, they parted and looked as if someone walked between them, peace came over me as if the Lord had just visited, it was wonderful.

As with most of us who rely on the Lord, we do have moments of loneliness, but remember our Lord and lean into contentment with our lot. We are blessed to be able to do so; it is the ones who do not know the Lord that I think suffer more.

May you be blessed with the joy of the Lord as you grow in your new role.

marie said...

I think our memories are some of our richest blessings. We're either blessed with the sweetness they hold or encouraged by how far we've come from troubled times.
I pray the Lord blesses you in an extra special way today, dear Shelley!

The Feathered Nest said...

What a wonderful post sweet Shelley...I love reading about your life and love that you take the time to share it with us. I can so understand the different seasons in our lives, seems mine has become one of solitude too during the day and since we are down to one car I just have to deal with it. I so love my alone time but some days I'm a little stir crazy! I appreciate you stopping by to see me and my pics and images are ALWAYS there for the taking ~ sending you hugs and love dear friend, Dawn

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Today it has finally cooled down and I am sensing Fall on the way. I always become rather wistful when Summer changes to Fall. Your post really captured the way I've been feeling today. By the way, I talk to my little pomeranian all of the time. Doesn't everyone talk to their dogs alot? I hope so.