Oct 9, 2012

By Lamp Light.....

Before bed last night I snapped a few pictures...my living room felt cozy with just the lamp light..I crocheted a while before turning out the lights,then went to bed to read before falling asleep. The dogs were a bit cozy too :) I have been letting Jessie in at night because the weather has turned a bit cool. She doesn't bother a thing,she is trained to stay indoors as I kept her in the first six months of her life.

Lamp Light
Out my front window
A bit of Autumn decoration
See the little tin toy plate? A recent thrift find.
Jessie Girl
Duke....he gets very cold in his old age.


Anonymous said...

Oh Shelley....it looks cozy and lovely :)

Anonymous said...

i just love it! mrs shelly it looks so peaceful and coze..just lovely! i love your living room...thanks for sharing

DollZandThingZ said...

Cozy, lovely, inviting...very nice photos as well!

Jacqueline said...

Hello my friend,

Your blog has changed so much and your home has too. I have a box to mail to you. Where oh where is all the red and the color and the toys? Did you pack them up for good or are they still cozy in some little nook? I tried to pick items that carry your new style. It's peaceful and I can feel you drawing closer and closer to God in your quiet hours.

My favorite season has arrived. Will you celebrate Halloween this year with prims? I'm not sure the Amish folks celebrate that holiday. I will haul out my "cutes" this weekend to give the little ones a Halloween thrill. Since we live in a development we have many children and dogs and parents that visit.

Much love to you as always and always. I hope you get this. Apparently I just needed to always comment under Google Chrome and I was okay...who would have thought that is all it was.

Off to watch a little tv with Len before bed. Sweet dreams from far away...

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your home looks so sweet and cozy. Your dogs look like they are totally comfy, I'm surprised they didn't wake up when you took the picture.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your home does look very cozy in the lamp light. I hope you can really enjoy it.