Oct 1, 2012

Grand Pictures..and more!

Jaxon's birthday gift from his mama and daddy...I have never seen a little one more happier than he was.
His sister Jalyn had her birthday just two days later,she is nine now.  

This is my little Colton and sweet Vivian...that are absent from my life more than not....I haven't seen Vivian since March. They live with their mother a long ways from me. Makes me so sad,and sad for their daddy too! :(

My son is happy to be back in town,but he is having to look for work and a car...I am praying something comes open for him soon.

 I hope you all have a beautiful week...blessings,Shelley


marie said...

I love the photos of your grands Shelley...that little tractor is perfect! No wonder Jaxon is so happy!! Love the sweet collage of Jalyn's photo. She's such a pretty young lady...they just grow too quickly, don't they!!

Mrs. J. said...

Wonderful grandbabies, May the Lord above open doors for them to visit you more often and for doors to be opened for your son to find work. We had lawn tractor, go-carts and so many other things on the farm too keep us busy and entertained. Farming was work but it was fun too.

Pendleton Primitives said...

They are all so cute! I'm hoping your son finds something soon.