Nov 16, 2012

Christmas Bazaar Pictures

My "SimpleMaids"table

My daughter Regina knitted beautiful Prayer Shawls....a couple sold before I got pictures of them.

Candy Bouquets 

Crafty Lights

We had an "Adopt a Pal" table...give any size donation and you could take a pal home with you :)

Some of these cutie pies had little stories written just for them....a small boy adopted this little penguin. 
Beautiful silk arrangements...much more classy than my little simple mades :) 
Last ,but not least...yummy baked goods.

There was a bit more,but alas my batteries in the camera died.....hope you have a lovely weekend.......blessings


Anonymous said...

beautiful mrs shelley i just love your blog.! you begin early in the united states with are also ornaments in the shops but the christmas atmosphere is not in yet.. maybe next month..thanks for sharing this..blessings

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your table display looks very pretty. The grouping of the Christmas trees you made is cute and so eye catching and I like the way you used the vintage wooden crate to give your display different heights for visual interest. I am sure that the Christmas Bazaar will be a great success. Best wishes,


Peggy said...

The displays you and your daughter set up turned out really pretty. Looks like a festive place to spend your time!

Jacqueline said...

So fun to see these. I felt like I was there and some of these items would make me dig in the bottom of my purse to purchase. Everyone did a very nice display, simple and sweet.
How did your items sell? Did you make a little pin money?

Kim @ Light Cottage said...

It looks like it was a simply lovely bazaar Shelley - everything looks so pretty and festive! Blessings friend.

Pendleton Primitives said...

I'm enjoying the photos. A friend and I went to 6 bazaars yesterday and I bought a few items. I love the prayer shawl!