Nov 20, 2012

Christmas Past...2009

 Christmas first year to be all alone in my home on Christmas morning....I went to bed on Christmas Eve feeling very child to wake me up Christmas husband..just me and the dog (Duke). Since Duke was a puppy,every Christmas we would buy him presents,wrap them and put them under the tree. Some how...he knows which ones are his,and opens them when given the OK! This year (2009) I was in no hurry to rise on Christmas one to share it with. It was a terrible time in my life...I was going through a hard trial,in counseling and on depression meds. Anyway,on that morning...bright and early Duke woke me up ,running up and down the hall of my little mobile home..barking,running to the tree and back to the tree and back to me! Somehow,the dog knew it was Christmas morning and he was ready and excited to open his gift. I cried as I watched him tearing the paper off his gift. I knew in my heart it was a wink from God,and I shall never forget it! Christmas 2009! I slipped on my jacket and Duke and I went down the driveway to my daughters home to share our excitement. There I shared my Christmas morning with them.

I really did an overload of decorating this year.....although I was very sad at the time....there also was a huge sense of freedom...I had never known before.

My Christmas PJ's

It turned out to be a wonderful Christmas for me after all,because of the joy and peace of God in my heart and the loyalty of an old dog :)


The Bear's Blog said...

And that sweet friend is what Christmas is all about.

The birth of a child, a King, a Savior, who took on the sins of the entire world, suffered, died for us so that we will have eternal life with God The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. There is no better Christmas gift.


Faye Henry said...

So sweet, Shelley.. Knowing the Lord makes all the difference..
Trusting you have a wonderful day this year, too.. xo

Mitzi said...

Our Springer Spaniel, Kelly, used to do the same thing. She always knew which presents were hers. Aren't our animals amazing! Happy Thanksgiving.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Sweet story, Shelley! god is so faithful!

When Micah was younger, we put presents under the tree for all the pets so he'd have "siblings" to open presents with. :)