Nov 24, 2012

Weeding Through Christmas........

Last night I sorted through six or more tubs,full of Christmas decorations...weeding out about 3/4's of that leaves me with about two and 1/2 tubs left. Please,don't check my math :)
Last year I weeded about half of what I had I am really narrowing my load down. I am only using about one tub of things to decorate with this year! Cleaned up around the house some today so I may set a few things out tonight....will see how it goes from there. I know I am doing what needs to be done,because it feels right in my spirit. Does that make sense to any of you? I know some where down the road in my future...I am going to know for certain why giving up so much stuff was a good choice for me. I may not know exactly the reason right this moment,but one day I will have an answer for it....I am almost sure of it!

So how is your Christmas decorating coming along? I have been visiting some of you,and I must say what you are doing is just wonderful......blessings,Shelley


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

It sounds like you are doing a good job on something that I need to be doing here at my house also. My fall stuff is starting to mingle in with my Christmas stuff. And a whole lot of it is just stuff. I laughed to myself when you told us not to check your math on how many tubs. I find that I have my storage tubs so stuffed full that as I take stuff out, the stuff underneath starts to puff upwards. There is no possibility of counting anything. It seems to multiply while weeding through it. I am so bad about putting stuff aside, not in its proper place, and then the next decorating season rolls around and it gets into the wrong season's storage tub. It sounds like you've been very busy getting things accomplished - Good for you!

Faye Henry said...

Hi Shelley.. I have not started yet but like you I intend to weed through it, too.. I do not need so much anymore...
It feels right to do that in my spirit, also. I know what you mean..
God bless my friend..

Jorgelina said...

Virtual Christmas party at my blog.
What are your favorite Christmas memories?

Pendleton Primitives said...

Hi Shelly! That is a lot of Christmas decorations. We have a good amount I think but most of it is still boxed up. It's looking pretty good I think but I'm more worried about making enough gifts this year. Well, off to make a candle mat.
Your friend,

Jacqueline said...

First off, it was a delight to look back on the 2007 Christmas. That is one holiday that I never seem to change my style on. I have always used the family ornaments from year to year and hauled out the same decorations. I used to buy only one ornament a year and then my "wants went wild" and I find myself, just like you letting go of much. I'm selling about half of my decorations in my booth with no regrets. It feels wonderful to let go! Fly away to somebody else's little house and they will all become new again to them.

I had a wonderful day. I rearranged my laundry room. Out went the gnome and I did it all in doll babies, you would LOVE it!

Then I moved on to the downstairs 1/2 bath and I did it all in older gnomes and it's charming and then I did my living room, we got rid of our dining room table/chairs and Len raised the chandelier so it's up on the ceiling now and I put a cozy corner in the spot to read. I have one of those long chase lounge chairs that matches my couch. It's cozy as can be.

Len coming home for dinner soon, stuffed pork chops, salad and peppermint ice cream for dessert....only thing missing is the chocolate cake and I'd have my very favorite dessert.

Thanksgiving at Kara's was warm and wonderful. She had about 12 people. I sat between my exhusband and my husband. God is good!