Dec 28, 2012

Growing thoughts!

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This is a post I shared on Facebook,but I wanted to share with my friends here on my blog as well....

I love growing see things in a different light. The things that once seemed so important,aren't anymore! The simple things in life become the best things. Waking up each morning becomes a true honest gift. Living for the day and not the week,the month,the year... is the best choice. When you are left alone at home ,your children grown,your nest discovery things about yourself you never really knew. Because for once you can focus on you,and you have that extra never really had before to think about what you would like to do with the rest of your life. Maybe you will,maybe you won't,but just thinking about it feels good. For me its about...coming to realize ,its not what I want ,but what God wills for me...that is most important. You take a look at what you have accomplished in life,where your kids are,how they are living their lives....although you once thought they were going to be perfect,they HAD TO BE finely realize they aren't,but then you realize they never will be,and that is OK....because you did your best,and they are prove of that! They are grown children to be proud proud of did a good job! I know the way I trained them....will remain with them...on track,or off...they know,to do good..its there,the word...inside! They too will one day think some of the same thoughts I think now! The best part about growing older,is not the physical,but the spiritual...I know I am closer to that mark today than I was yesterday,but not as close as tomorrow. I feel a closeness when opening God's word that is not to be compared with a time before....he speaks to me...I now truly hear his voice! Its funny because...all my life I feel like I have been an old soul....I was born old,but now I am finely beginning to feel a little at home here,but I will never be totally comfortable until I see him face to me that's what so wonderful about growing older...I am closer to heaven today,than I was yesterday! Yet while I am here..I will live for today! I still have a work to do.....SB

I had to smile when I found this reminded me very much of myself. Although I am not as old as this dear woman...My bed is similarly filled with such things...books....teddies,rag dolls and such :) 


DollZandThingZ said...

Shelley, very nice sentiment...but you are far from old.

Old soul or not, get out and enjoy the day! Happy new year...hope it brings you many blessings and good health to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Oh Shelley, that is exactly how I am feeling. Our Lord knew that during this season in our lives, it was when we will be able to hear Him better.

I really like your new look :D


marie said...

Lovely Shelley!
You are a dear "old soul"!!!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Some days I feel like an old soul, some days I feel like an old sole (as in shoe sole), and then there are other days, though not very often anymore, I feel like a young girl, struck with the wonder of it all.

Marqueta Graham said...

Dear Shelley,

I love the photo of the sweet dreaming lady. I've always loved older people and felt most comfortable around them. I agree that it is a wonderful time of life for looking back and seeing the harvest of life's seeds sown.

Love and blessings,


Jacqueline said...

How fun to see your white winterland in Texas. What a special gift that was for Christmas Day. God is full of those special moments in time. Smiles from God.

Now dear heart, you are not old...hello??? We are just a tad bit over 50...hello??? You make me smile. Sometimes I think you want to be old (it's not a bad thing, there is wisdom and peace in those years I well imagine!)

Today Len and I are having one day off together. Out to breakfast and birthday shopping for Kara turning 25 on Saturday. Wow! Shaun is doing better but pain still rages but that is normal considering everything.

I love and adore your box! Everything! The baby cross, the color book and I love the lamb! I think that is my least for today!

Now what were you talking about that you left something on my blog? Still searching for it!