Dec 17, 2012

Planning my week..........

Plans for this week..........
1. Getting some much needed housekeeping done, most especially in my bedroom!
2. Finishing up what bit of gift giving I am doing.
3. Making a Hobby Horse for Jaxon's Christmas present.
4. Bathing Duke,my dog!
5. Having a friend over for a Christmas Tea and visit.
6. Planing out the Christmas dinner menu.
7. Remembering first things first!

Better stop there! That's the plan :)


janice15 said...

Good morning Shelley, you are going to be a busy woman this week....but I think a lot of us will be...Happy Holiday's with love Janice

Ana said...

Beautiful sentiment Shelley. Wishing you a wonderful new week...Only 8 more days...Yay!

Hugs Nd Blessings,

Erika wood said...

I love making a list but sometimes I get ahead of myself and make my list to long.

I've enjoyed my visit here and look forward to reading more.


Anonymous said...

Blessings on you Shelley as you move through your week! I hope all that is to be done... is done!
Enjoy yourself!
Lily, WA, USA