Jan 17, 2013

I'm Simply NOT Crafty......but that's OK!

Well,I tried and failed! I was inspired by a blogging friend to make a dress for one of my little vintage dolls. How hard could it be... right? I didn't use any pattern...just thought it...cut it...and then sewed it together. I think a five year old could have done as well...to be sure! I am so NOT proud of myself. Why is it...your hands won't work as you mind can imagine? Don't ask me,but mine sure don't. Don't know that I will try anymore sewing. Maybe.. I should just stick to what I am good at,but now that I think about it....what would that be? Don't know that I am good at anything crafty. I crochet fair,but I wouldn't say good. I don't cook that well...really don't enjoy cooking either. Not like some ladies do! Guess,there isn't anything wrong with that though! Some people are just gifted with some very lovely talent and I am so happy for them...truly. I love seeing all the cute,beautiful,lovely fun things they create.  I dream about doing some of those things,but nothing I do ever turns out really nice...or even good for that matter. Well,I am going to think on this some more. To be honest..I love to draw. I bought myself a sketch pad,some colored pencils and I am going to draw. I know my drawings won't be fine art,but they will be mine. Seems most everything I put my hands to,always turns out very simple in one way or the other. Childlike in some ways. I guess that is OK.....at least its uniquely mine.  Don't think me as giving up..because that isn't the case! I am just going to be doing some exploring of sorts. Find what I think I can be good at and build on that skill. This is a bit of one of my rambling post...I don't mean to sound negative toward myself....just talking myself through a lesson :) Encouraging myself,if you will! A bit of self therapy! So that you don't think I am all down on myself ...there are a few things I consider myself to do fairly well....................

Sing...I sing at church,and have sung in some public events.
I have wrote some songs and poetry.
As I have already said...I can crochet fairly well.
I love to decorate my home,friends home,shop windows,etc.
I don't think I draw to bad,but pretty simply.
I have been told I have a pretty hand writing...although my hands don't work as well now as they once did .
Pretty good with a glue gun.
When I discover something else I will let you know :)

On another note...to let you all know how my friend is doing...she came through the surgery fine. She will be going back to the doctor in about three weeks to discuss the other things...for now she is doing good. I am thankful for that. Please,just remember Betty in your prayers...thanks so much friends.


Mitzi said...

I don't feel like I have any particular talents either. I have raised 4 wonderful children and am very proud of that.
Crafts are not my thing. I'd love to learn how to crochet, but don't follow directions well. I have to have someone beside me showing me how.
I am happy in my world.

Mrs R said...


I can not sew to save my life. My crocheting is fair but my stitches don't end up the same size so my projects are kind of lopsided. :-) I can stamp though and do other paper crafts.

I'll add Betty to my prayers.

Debbie Jones said...

I am not good at sewing either. I took a couple of sewing classes in Jr. High 9at my mother's insistance) and I can hem pants and sew on buttons, but I make a mess of anything beyond that. I focus on what I can do and enjoy and don't worry about stressing out to try and learn something I will probably never be much good at. I can tell from your blog posts that you are good at many, many things!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You have many many talents some the same as mine some not and that is okay. That is how it should be! Huggles.

Robbie♥ said...

I am sure there are many things that you can do really beautifully well Shelley, sometimes I feel just like you...there are days [NO weeks] when nothing seems to go right for me; my crochet is a mess and my sewing is not working out, but it really is whether you are doing what you truly enjoy that counts. Drawing sounds a very worthy occupation and it would be something that matters little whether it is "good" or "bad". The fact that you are expressing yourself using something like pencils is a great idea, just find materials that you are comfortable with and have a go! I look forward to seeing one of your drawings posted one day! Good luck with it. And lovely to hear about your dear friend. Cheerio for now
Robbie xx

Denise said...

How about loving, your pretty good at that and being a prayer warrior, you are top notch at that. I know what your talking about though-CRAFTY- What about those beautiful cloth dolls without faces,church dolls? didn't you make one of those? I thought it was beautiful.Love to you Denise

Jacqueline said...

Humble pie is very good to eat at times. It is tasty, when we share with others and realize our own gifts and talents and the miracle of how God made us each so unique.

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear Shelley,

You do many so things well but more than "doing" things you are a very special person! Here are the very first things that come to my mind when I think of when I think of you:

You love God. You love the words of God. You want to have your heart be just like His. You want to please Him and live accordingly so you meet Him early in the morning for your special times of prayer. Those are the very best things that can be said about anyone and it is obviously so true of you! You are a Seeker of God. Nothing could be better!

You love people and it shows! You care deeply for you family and friends in easy times and in harder times. You are consistant in your love... like your Father.

You have the desire to be the best You that you can be! You work at it and keep moving ahead! That takes many wonderful character traits like courage, will power and hope!

You inspire through your blog. I see people write that to you all the time in the comments! And I bet you do too through your life with those blessed to live it out there with you.

I love how you decorate and the things you show us in your blog but they are just a reflection of the awesome person you are. You are Special... not just what you can do!

You just remember that God has great plans for you and your life and will share the next step, one after another, with you as you move ahead.

I am very blessed to have found your blog to know you even in this way. Thank you for writing it. It has drawn me closer to God myself.

This is very long and it doesn't begin to cover what I have seen and loved about you! Be Blessed!


Lily, WA, USA

Amrita said...

You are very creative Shelly

marie said...

Oh Shelley...I love how the Lord has gifted us all in so many different ways. I think that you are very "crafty" with words. Your sweet thoughts bless my heart each time I visit.

Peggy said...

So happy to hear about your friend Betty. Hope she continues to do well!