Jan 10, 2013

More about me and Why I Weed....

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As I look around my little home here on Red Rock Hill...I believe I am beginning to feel more comfortable with my (inside) surroundings. The things I have chosen to keep through my weeding process ,I find I am more content with. Am I done weeding? No,and it may be that it becomes a regular routine for my life to weed,especially if I bring home other things from time to time. I have truly found that less stuff....brings more of everything else for me...more peace of mind...more time to think about what is most important, etc. What I have..I want to use,to enjoy...to see on a daily basis...not stored away ,tucked under beds...pushed back in the corners of closets. I do realize that some things,seasonal,holiday stuff,etc will always require to be stored for a season,but other than those things... I don't want stored STUFF! Which is what I am working toward here in my home. If I don't use it,can't see it...why should I keep it when others may have use for it? Books that I think I may never read again...I will pass them on for others to enjoy. Books are one thing I have found to be dear to me over the last few years. I finely found an opportunity in my life to read and read I have done.  This year I will try and keep a record of the books I do read,just to look back and refer to. I made myself a rule in this home some time ago and I must say I have not follow through with it as of yet,but this is one goal..I plan to accomplish this year. If I have collections...they will consist of four! Thus,the four teddy bears in my previous post! Why four? Well... it is said if you have three of anything..it becomes a collection,but I don't like odd numbers :)   So four it is!  I will also limit my collections as a whole.
This is all working toward simplifying my life more...their was a need for it because I felt it in my spirit. Some of you may not get that,but it makes perfect sense to me. Some of you may have looked at my life and thought..How much more simple could a life be? But I think...no matter how simple you may think ones life may be...there is always ways of making it more simple,and freeing.  I want to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit...I don't want to be tied down by stuff that needs managed and maintained. If at some point I need to leave here,for whatever reason...I want to leave with a clear conscious of what I am leaving behind. And I don't ever want my stuff to become some other persons burden. That is the best way I can explain it!

Saying all this...I must also say...I have never had a problem with hoarding. I do love stuff and have always been one to enjoy shopping at thrift stores,flea markets and the like. In the past...I bought to resale..and when I became unable to do so any longer it left me with a lot of stuff...which I had to get rid of. I have never had a problem with letting go,as I know some people do and I feel for those people,because it must be terrible to feel the need to cling to things. I am the type..if you were to say...I really like this..I would most likely reply with Please,take it,I want you to have it! I don't say this in anyway to glorify myself,just to help you understand me better.....Enough said for this time :)

‎"Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."
~William Morris, 19th Century Designer

Well,the sun is shining here today...its a beautiful day and I am soon off to Walmart with my daughter to pick up my medicine and a few necessary items. I hope the sun is shining where you are...if not let the SON shine in your heart! That is sure to make your day brighter...indeed!


Deborah Hamilton said...

I understand exactly what you mean. Keep up the good work.

Patty Sumner said...

First, Love your new header...so Springy and fresh. I am learning to let go of "STUFF". I am also trying to "thin" things out. I m a reader and had way toooo many books. My hubby bought me a Kinle Fire last Christmas..love it.. read as much as I want and no books to stack up... meanwhile, I have tons of book in the attic...lol need to get rid of those... Love your posts Shelley. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I find the hoarder shows interesting. You are right, it seems to be they can't let go. Not to be confused with clutter. As I am getting older, I can now understand how clutter can gather, as I have caught myself doing this. And from viewing older neighbors, mail seems to be the culprit. I like the quote you included! So true!

Julian said...

You and I are a lot alike in that area. I cannot stand clutter. Simplicity is best. With six kids,four at home,its sometimes hard,but I am constantly getting rid of,and giving things away to others who might need it. Stuff is just stuff. Its a blessing to have a cozy home,but it can quickly become a curse if not controlled. I too love books. Lol. I'm new to your blog,and so far,I can totally relate;).

Anonymous said...

Great work on your weeding! I am slowly but surely weeding away too. I love to go to thrift shops but my rule is that I have to donate 2 or 3 items for every item I purchase. Blessings!

Mitzi said...

I got hit with the "clean out out the closet" bug. Got rid of 4 huge garbage bags full of clothes. It felt wonderful and I'm not through. We still have way too much stuff.
Love reading your blog..

Debbie Jones said...

Great, inspirational post. We all need to "weed" now and then. We do it here on an ongoing basis. Right now, I have too much "stuff" that I am keeping for other people (my children) who live somewhere else, so this summer, my goal gently tell these sweet people to come and get their stuff or let someone else enjoy it. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jacqueline said...

Ah ha...this is interesting and a great subject to talk about. I have found over the years acquiring stuff has usually happened when I'm mood altering (that is therapy talk I learned awhile back!) when I'm lonely or fearful or bored or need something to make me feel better about life or about some such problem. I have over eating addictions as you know and so off to the Goodwill I'd go justifying the fact if I don't eat I'll just buy a little treat. I have thought much about this and even know when I'm doing it.

There has been such a movement in the USA for finding vintage treasure and adding collections. I think this is fine, if you can afford it but if we are honest and look close at ourselves we may admit, it's because we are sometimes trying to fill the empty hole in us.

It is costly, we buy for pennies and then pass it on. But in my case, those little pennies add up and before you know it out the window money flies. We change decor, try hard to live the life we imagined but in the end, Santa seems to sneak back in again.

Thoughts from rainy mornings in Washington.

However...great, great, great for you!!!