Jan 19, 2013

Valentine Decorating 2013

I put up a Valentine display yesterday...thought I would share it with you. The little doll is a vintage favorite of mine. That's the little dress I made for her.  Just a little skirt type with a tie around the neck :)

This cute card was sent to me a few years back by a very dear friend,the little wooden shoes as well.
So have you done any Valentine decorating? Hope your weekend is full of adventure and blessed!


earlene said...

Vintage Valentines are the best!
it will be here bofore you know it.
Cute hat your daughter made you on your sidebar and you have a very nice smile Shelley.

marie said...

No Valentine decorating here....but I will be taking down all the Christmas decorating today! Things have gotten a bit behind around here! : )

Anonymous said...

Love your Valentine's Day decorating! None has been done here but I am making Valentine's to send to family! I have already been thinking of Easter decorating since it comes early this year - March 31st! I love to enjoy it for a while and will start to put out the Easter and Spring things in another couple of weeks. We still have a little snow here and may get more so it is a little chilly for seeing Spring around the house!
I hope you have a great Saturday and enjoy your Sunday!
Love and Blessings,
Lily, WA, USA

kare said...

Memories.. i used to have several vintage Kewpie dolls, but when we moved i gave them away.
All the holidays are different now.. since my Dad always sent cards SWAK (sealed with a Kiss). Valentines was always a favorite of his.
The Kewpies were one of his signiture gifts. i always thought these little naked kids needed clothes too. That's a cute Valentines dress you made.
Thanks for reminding me of happy times!

Julian said...

Vintage Valentines are the best!!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Very cute dress you made for your little Kewpie doll. Great Valentine vignette!

Raymond Homestead said...

Cute Valentines! I still have my Kewpie doll!

Pamela said...

I loved seeing this. I tucked a few valentine decorations in here and there. I have a courting daughter living here so the hearts are enjoyed. ;-)