Feb 1, 2013


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Since I came back home from my parents,I have been weeding through drawers and baskets. Doing away with things. I don't have a place to store linens and have been keeping them in a spare laundry basket for the last couple of years. It just set on top of my dryer and was a real eye sore. Yesterday I went through it and bagged about half of them to go to the charity shop and the rest I stored in an old chest of drawers.  So now they are no longer in plain sight. Why didn't I do that a long time ago? I have no idea! When Spring time starts getting closer...it always puts me in the mood to clean. I'm sure it does others as well. I love spring,but cringe when I think of summer being just around the corner from spring. As I have said before ,summer and I don't get along so well :)  It tends to be really HOT in our neck of the woods during the summer time. So hot it saps what little bit of energy I have to the core.
So for now I will enjoy the cold of what is left of winter. Being indoors with warm coffee or tea....nesting, puttering about, and weeding!

I want to thank all of you for your kind comments on my last post. I never want to be anything here,but real...that is for sure and for certain. From the beginning of this blog I have never thought to be a pretense and never shall. I haven't shared everything about the details of my life...some things are still raw and painful to my own soul. Yet ,there may come a time when I will be brave and strong enough to even share those secrets ....in hopes that others may be blessed by my experiences and hard trials.
I do ask a prayer request today...my friend Betty that has cancer was admitted yesterday into the hospital with pneumonia. Bless her heart...I hate she has came down with another sickness. I am trusting our Savior for her healing. Also, my brother is soon to start radiation and chemo treatments.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Peggy said...

Will be praying for your dear friend and brother. Enjoy your week-end.

DollZandThingZ said...

Your brother and friend are in my thoughts and prayers.

That is a very good question. "Why didn't I do that sooner?" I have those moments, too. Would love to know why we drag our feet!

Joyce Mayer said...

I am going to try this again, Blogger didn't want me leaving a comment so here goes...

They both are in my prayers. YOU are a blessing in their lives.

Happy weekend.


Julian said...

Praying! Have a blessed weekend.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Shelly, I too love spring [and dread the hot,humid days of summer]. I seem to want to clean in spring..
Proud your getting things done and enjoying yourself.. I am trying to organize and clean a closet or shelf out each day? [sometimes I do,and sometimes it just doesn't happen.lol]
Have a happy/blessed day.

Deborah Hamilton said...

When I thanked you for being honest, I did not mean that you were ever less than sincere. Please forgive my poor wording. Your friend is in my prayers.

Debbie Jones said...

You inspire me to get better organized.
Will remember your friend and you in my prayers.

frontporchprims said...

Hi Shelly. Sometimes things just become part of our house and we don't see them anymore!! Just like the pudding on the wall and the box of christmas lights still sitting on my bedroom floor:) After a while, we don't see them anymore. Thanks for visiting my small blog.

Maria said...

Little by little, your humble home will become exactly what you envision. Like you, I try not to ignore things but take care of them, little by little. With five people and two pets living in such a small space, clutter can truly be detrimental to our daily living :)

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Your friend and your brother will certainly be in my prayers.

Regarding your previous blog, Shelley I have enjoyed so much seeing all the love and creativeness you have put into your home. I have always thought your home was so welcoming and warm. I hope wherever you move that it will bring you happiness and comfort. I am sure that it will be just as inviting and homey too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley,
The heat can be really hard on a person so I hope that before summer comes you will be in your new home and it will be able to stay very cool for you. I happily await good news on your finding "your place"!
I am praying for Betty. Bless you both!
Lily, WA, USA