Mar 30, 2013

Fun Saturday Post............

She thinks of taking sewing lessons.

This little shelf from goodwill was brown with a drawer in the bottom space. I thought of making a small doll house from it for this little Blythe doll,but she is just a bit to big for such,but it stills makes a cute display shelf. I papered the back walls,which we originally open, with craft paper,that I found at the charity shop. The cute little treadle sewing machine I have had on hand for a long while. How to you like the little girl bunny in the first room?

I once found these very sweet bluebird salt and pepper shakers at a garage sale for only .25 cents,years ago. I have held on to them ...while getting rid of so much other stuff. They are just to cute to part with!
Such a happy little bluebird!
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Save these cute images if you like. My little Easter treat for you!  They were free to me...I just can't remember from where.



Sew Blessed Maw said...

Shelly.. How adorable.. Love the little shelf, filled with all the cute things.. I really love the sewing machine with the blythe doll. Such fun..

Deborah Hamilton said...

Your little shelf is very cute. You are crafty! That little sewing machine is just precious. I wish I could find one of those....maybe someday. Happy Easter to you, too. He is risen!

Anonymous said...

I like your doll house idea with the shelves. A little girl would have fun with that idea....I used to use shoe boxes when I was little and cut out furniture pictures from the Penny's catalog..ha..! It is good you kept the blue bird shakers...the birds seem to usher in our spring! Blessed Easter!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Adorable little shelf. I am glad you kept your little blue birds with the sparkling eyes. They are perfect for spring. You can see their excitement for spring in their eyes. My eyes are sparkling today, I am doing one of my favorite things...making an Easter basket for my grandson:) I am just stuffing it full of goodies. Everything is a goody to him. He just recently turned three. Have a wonderful Easter!

Never Forsaken said...

Very cute idea! I hate it when I get rid of so many things (unless somebody else needs it), because then I come up with different ideas when I want to change things up a bit. I usually keep one large box full of little things that I change over to when the mood hits.
I do keep many bird things around the house though because I love birds...and so does God.
~Blessings~ Lisa

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a Wonderful and Blessed Easter with your family!

Thank you for your friendship!

Lily, WA, USA