Mar 25, 2013

Here I go again.......

Less than a week until Easter Sunday,and this past week I packed away most all the decorations. Even putting some in a to go box. You do know what my "to go boxes" are,don't you? I keep out a box to fill with stuff that I want to be gone from my home! Its what I call weeding,as most of you already know by now,I'm sure :)  I just had a feeling things were to cluttered and busy with all that stuff out.  It was cute,but I have decided that doesn't work for me. I am still trying to figure out what does work for me,but I know I am still feeling less is more! So, I am thinking there may be lots more weeding going on and a future yard sale in the works. Do you all remember my friend Becky? She is the friend that has the home Betty and I visit at Christmas,Easter and sometimes Halloween. She has wonderful collections and displays them so wonderfully! I have been sharing pictures of her home here at my blog for years now.  We are due to go for a visit these week or maybe next,to see her Easter collections.
By the way,Please,pray for Betty...she is undecided about taking the chemo and radiation treatments. She has changed her diet and is thinking of doing something alternative to the normal treatments used  in the medical field. I am praying she will make the right decision and will be well again. My brother is about half through his treatments,and they are really starting to effect his body,but the good news is the knot in his throat has gone away. I have been holding up my brother and dear friend in prayer....asking God's will be done in their lives and bodies! I know you are praying too,and I thank you all so much! God is able to heal,give direction and use any means he chooses to bring about healing in our body,mind and spirits. He is the great healer,keeper,provider,our Father,and no one knows better than he! Sometimes when we can't do anything else..we just need to trust..his will be done! Today, I am catching up on some letter writing...long promised ones too! May your week be blessed.

So much more simpler ...just feels right!


Anonymous said...

What feels right certainly does change from time to time and you are wise to let the change come and not to fight against it. Enjoy what feels right for today! And let others enjoy the weeded items! I sent a box of Easter decorations to others just last week. They were sweet things... but just things. It was the right time to let go!
I am praying for Betty and your brother. I will continue to!
Lily, WA, USA

Mitzi said...

I love that little "Count your blessings" pillow.
I didn't put out half of my Easter decorations this year. We get very little company, so only put out our special favorites. I always buy two Easter lilies and a hyacinth plant. Their smell reminds me of Easter and Spring.

Patty Sumner said...

I love your "weeding" idea Shelley. I am so glad the knot is gone for your brother. Praying for the reaction of the chemo to his body. May the Lord bless his body during this time. Also, for your friend Betty. As she seeks answers for her health may the Lord be the director. I agree to God be the glory for it all. Love your Easter vingnette. Blessings!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Enjoy your less or more, or which ever decorating ,you are in the mood for.. We all change from day to day..Its fun to change.ha
I didn't know about Betty or your brother [since I am new to your blog] ,But will add both to my prayer list.May God bless both of them and thier families..
Have a great day.

Never Forsaken said...

Praying for Betty and for your Brother~God bless~ Lisa

Kim @ Light Cottage said...

I will pray for the healing of Betty and your brother. God bless, Kim