Mar 1, 2013

My little chalk bunny and an Easter Egg my daughter Regina painted for me a few years ago!

Well,I am home friends. I am trying to get caught up on your blogs,then I will try and get some new pictures posted in a day or two. I plan on doing a bit of Spring decorating around the house. Our days have been sunny,but still very cool.....last night it got cold..when I let the dog out this morning,it looked as if we had a bit of frost. No way am I rushing hot weather. While I love everything to do with Spring,my one let down is... Summer is just around the corner! Our Summers are so hot and suffocating, that I have to spend most of my days indoors,out of the heat!  I am going to have to make a trip to the grocery store today. I am like Old Mother cupboard is bare!  Had to have my coffee black this morning,and I normally like my cream with a little coffee  :)   I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Sew Blessed Maw said...

I love your bunnies.. so cute.. Proud your home safely..
I so understand your loving spring and dreading the heat/humidity of summer. I live in Ms and we have that kind of weather too.. I have asthma and it really effects my breathing.But, I do love spring.. I am getting ready to do some spring cleaning and decorating too.
[however we are having snow flurries NO spring cleaning here.ha]
Looking forward to your photos.. I so enjoy your pretty stuff.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! WE missed you. You are right....your summers are very hurry. dad used to drink his coffee black when he visited if I didn't have any skim milk on-hand (which I never did...he was such a sticker for his low-fat diet for his cholesterol...back before meds). Bad me for not buying him skim...

Debbie Jones said...

Very cute bunny. Our summers are too hot here in Arizona too! The best thing about our summers is that fall and winter comes after summer and that means cooler weather. The worst thing about spring is that hot summer is on the way. Our weather is still nice here, though. We have a couple more months before things start to warm up. Enjoy your weekend.

Marqueta Graham said...

Hi Shelley,

What a cute display! I love your kitchy things from your last post, too. It's good to have you back; may spring be long this year!



Anonymous said...

So glad you are home, shelley!
Do you plan on spending some of the summer days with your parents? It seems like it would be nice to be there and have company on some of those hot days when you are inside.
I am looking forward to your posts and photos. Have fun putting out the Easter things!
Lily, WA, USA

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that it feels good to be home again! I couldn't help but grin when you mentioned were you were like old Mother Hubbard because your cupboards were bare, ha, ha! :)

Summer time is pretty warm around here as well. It would be nice if the spring weather would "hold-out" until winter time, but obviously, that is not going to happen.

Blessings! :)