Apr 8, 2013

Celebrating my Baby Girl!

Happy Birthday to my Baby Girl, Regina! Once upon a time....I gave birth to a wee little baby girl,and my life was never the same. It was better,fulfilled,satisfied. I had my real life little baby doll...I was a mother! Next to the love of my Lord Jesus.....the love I feel as a mother for my children is the truest love of my life. I don't have an high education....I have never traveled the world,not even the USA, I am not skilled in any high profession,but I have been a mother,I have known a love and relationship through,happiness,laughter,tears,heartache,bellyaches, achievement,and disappointment,but the reward of my labor has been more than wonderful! Today, I celebrate my first borns birthday,and I also celebrate the day I became a mother.

Only five pounds!


Anonymous said...

Happy b'day! Beautiful pictures...memories! My next -to-youngest son's b'day is today. What a wonderful season to give birth! Warmer days...enjoying your first born. My first born was born in longview, TX, five years after your first born.

marie said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Regina! Love all the photos!
You became a mother for the first time about one month before I did! My little Ronny was born in May of 1975.

earlene said...


Denise said...

Such a sweet post.I feel the same about my daughters.

Decadent Housewife said...

Hello Shelley,

I found you a week or so ago and am just getting back now to dig a bit through your blog. Such a joyful place you have!

This post is just precious - how they grow.

Trish :)

kare said...

Happy Birthday!
Good Job Regina's Mom!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Regina!

And a happy day to you, too, Shelley!

Love the photos!



Sew Blessed Maw said...

Our sweet babies are such a blessing from God.. And I know Regina would agree.. having been raised by a Godly ,loving mother is the most important thing.
Sweet ,sweet baby..
Happy Birthday Regina.

Peggy said...

Being a mom is indeed a blessing! Best wishes to Regina and her mama!

Never Forsaken said...

A mom's heart is the closest to God's own heart!
Being a Mother is the highest calling a woman can have in life. I stayed home with my three girls while my husband worked until the youngest was a teen. The one year that I decided to take a full time job our family fell apart. (I am not kidding) It was the single worst thing I could have done, and my biggest regret!
My girls all say that I am a good Mom, but I could not handle working and being a Mom too!
I don't have any degrees on my wall either, but the walls were full of crayon drawings, school pictures, and rewards!
Happy B-Day Regina!
~God bless~

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Such a sweet, heart-felt post. I believe that being a mom and raising children is the most important job a woman can do. It is a job that leaves its mark upon future generations more than any other job, educational degree, or travel experience that a person could have.

I hope that Regina and you had a wonderful day.

Jacqueline said...

It is that time again! My goodness, where did the year ago. I've been watching you bloom this last year. Happy birthday Regina and may your coming year be filled with happy loving times.