May 17, 2013

Good Gifts........

This was the mothers day gift from my daughter Regina. So many fun things packed in a pretty yellow bowl! I just love my new tea mug. Isn't it pretty? The Sweet Dreams herb tea will help me sleep on those all too many sleepless nights!

The Scentsy burner makes my home smell wonderful...."Spring Flowers" is melting away in it now!
The jar you see is some homemade hot sauce I made...very spicy,but good :)
The basket is where I store my crochet dishcloths, next to the dish,so I always have a fresh one handy!

The DVD has 8 family movies included,this one is a favorite! I had seen it years ago,but had a lot of fun watching it again. I believe this movie was made at the same time the "Little House" series were watched,and loved by so many families.

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Anonymous said...

oh Shelley...all those goodies are so lovely and so is your mug :) m.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Regina had such good taste and what a wonderful Mother's day you had. Love the old movies.. and I watched Little house and Walton reruns every day.. [recently they took them off , and I miss them so much.. Looks like I need to buy the dvd's..ha]
this one looks really good. You will have to let us know,
about it. Have a blessed day.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

What nice gifts you received! Your daughter is so thoughtful and knew just what to give you.


Anonymous said...

What lovely gifts Regina blessed you with! Enjoy the all.
And the salsa looks awesome!
Lily, WA, USA

Debbie Jones said...

What lovely, thoughtful gifts! You have wonderful children who really love you! Enjoy this weekend!