May 14, 2013

Simple Pantry ideas..........

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I have a space at the end of my mobile home that I intend to make a Pantry of,or Larder,which is an older term used for a room or place where food is kept. Right now my eldest son has some of his things stored in there,but he is soon to be married and he and his wife will be moving into their new home. I am so happy for them. Anyway,that means his stuff will be leaving my home :) I have always wanted to take the doors off my kitchen cabinets,where I now store my can goods and keep a pretty set of dishes in there that were once my aunts,and passed to me. So thats the plan....I have been collecting jars,and whatnots to store staples in.  I have used these types of jars for years now,and always refer to them as my keeping jars!

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Some of my Keeping Jars.
Among food items,I will also store other home necessities. Such as extra oil for my lamps,light bulbs,candles, dish towels,and cloths...other items for keeping a kitchen and home.

If you live in the always need to keep oil lamps,or candles available for power outages.

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I love this simple pantry example. 
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I have picked a color for painting my house....its called Mustard Seed! I bought a sample bottle and painted on the porch area to live with it a bit and see how I am going to like it,but I am fairly sure I will be sticking with this color. My old home is going to really be brighten up with a new coat of paint...I can't wait.


marie said...

Oh I love the pantry ideas. Looks like you have a great start on filling it...your pantry jars are so cheery, with their red lids!

Have fun with your pantry plans...and congratulations to your son!

Debbie Jones said...

I love your pantry ideas. My husband and I plan to re-do our food storage/pantry areas this summer. I love storing things in jars! Great idea! Have a wonderful day!

kare said...

So Nice .. i hope to have a home with room for a pantry, some day.

i love the open shelves! Being able to showcase lovely dishes. Be sure to share a pict. O.K?

We use little solar lamps here, instead of night-lites. At those times the wind knocks out power it sure is nice.

Anonymous said...

We had a very large pantry at my childhood home - it was wonderful for all the home canned fruits my mother did! I know you will enjoy having one, too!

And I love the jars! It is so nice to see you making plans and moving ahead. It feels great, huh!

Can't wait to see the color of the paint on your home when it is done! I loved the name of it! Cool, huh!

Lily, WA, USA

Faye Henry said...

A pantry is a must in my house, Shelley.. Love your pics and ideas..
Your paint sounds really nice, too..
God bless..

Earlene Landis said...

Nice pantries...I know I love having mine Shelley.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I do not show up on anyone elses either Shelley its not just yours.
It is a bummer.

Raymond Homestead said...

Can't wait to see the finished project, it's going to look so nice! I have a nice pantry I really enjoy. I should take some pictures of it.

Peggy said...

It sounds like you have some pretty nice changes in the works, I'm happy for you! I love the idea of a pantry you describe. Be sure and share the results! Have a blessed day.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Shelly, I am so excited about the paint color ..Your house is going to be wonderful.. Can't wait to see the finished paint.. Love mustard color..
I love your "keeping jars".. It makes me want to look for some.. Your pantry will be so nice.. have fun..

glenda ryans said...

I like to gather up jars, too. I have more than I have room for. I have a little bookcase in my kitchen that I use for a pantry. It's very
What color trim are you going to use on your house? I need to paint my old house, too. I need something that will show up down here in all these trees...At any rate, I'm sure it will be lovely.
I would'nt worry about the dolls, you're allowed...see ya later...enjoy your day.