Jun 3, 2013

Chit Chat..........

Hello friends,how is your week starting out? It's a beautiful day here in my neck of woods. God is good ,isn't he? We have our bad days,with storms and clouds,but the sun is always bound to shine again. That goes for the natural and spiritual realm! There is a song I sing sometimes...."God of the Mountain"...he is God in the good times,still God in the bad times,God in the valley,and God on the Mountain! He never fails! He is worthy of all our praise....at all times!

I have bought three plants for the house thus far.....I don't know why,but I have never been so enthusiastic about houseplants before. I am loving the idea of having something living,God created,and so good for my home indoors. I mentioned that I would be buying some green plants for the house here in this post,in case you didn't see it! I picked up a small pot of English Ivy yesterday. Its such a pretty little plant. All the plants I am choosing are natural air purifiers.
I will be leaving in the next day or two for another few days visit with my parents. On the 15th of this month my eldest son is getting married! He has had many ups and downs with relationships in his young life,but I feel with all my heart this marriage is God ordained,any other relationships before this one, were him getting ahead of God.  We do that sometimes,don't we? Get ahead of God,and it sure can cause much havoc for our lives. Just consider Abraham,had he not got ahead of God and had a son by Sarah's handmaid,there would be more peace in the middle east to this day! The descendants of Ishmael and Isaac have been at war ever since.  Oh,we humans what trouble we bring upon ourselves at times.

I do wish you a wonderful week! Blessings dear friends


Anonymous said...

Congrats to your son...have a good visit with your parents!

cute picture..ha...i like the cat's eyes.

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Shelley,
Congrats on your son's wedding!

Good point about Abraham.

I think I may invest in a couple more houseplants too...the weather has been either cold and sunny, or humid and rainy lately, so I am spending more time indoors. The mosquitos are just awful too this year...so more green inside might be a good idea!
~Praying for safe travel for you~

Anonymous said...

Yes, God is also Lord of the valleys we go through... I am hanging on to that today myself!

Have a wonderful time with your parents. Be blessed in all the joys you have.

And Blessings upon your Son and his soon to be New Wife! I will be thinking of them on their wedding day. Wishing them much ❤ Love! ❤

Lily, WA, USA

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Hope you have a nice visit with your parents..
Congrats to your son. May God bless them both .
Love your idea of the houseplants..

marie said...

Oh, I love that song...God is so good!
I'll pray on the day of the wedding...which so happens to be my husband's birthday. I look forward to hearing all about their special day!