Jun 10, 2013

Tea Talk

Hello friends, Its getting really hot here in East Texas! You may already know by now...I don't do hot weather well. My trip to the doctors office today,and back was draining  for me. I thank God I have a cool home to come back home too. At least my old AC is keeping my home comfortably cool anyway. My visit went well,except my BP was too low. Doc is cutting back on my BP meds just a bit. That should help me feel a little more lively,I hope! Saturday, while I was still at my parents home,I had very little energy,and slept most of the day! I have some busy days ahead of me...I need all the energy I can muster up  :)
The 15th is the wedding,my daddy has eye surgery on the 17th,I have surgery on the 25th to repair a very large hernia. Last evening our church family gave my kids a very beautiful wedding shower.They were so happy,and I was happy for them. I have been a member of this same church for the last 20 years. We have had weddings,births,baby dedications, graduations,illnesses,surgeries,family tragedies...all kinds of situations shared with this same church...good times,and bad times...always they were there to help celebrate, or to comfort,pray for ,and encourage. What a blessing my church has been to me,and my family! All because of the love of Christ that flows through the hearts of its members...the body of Christ!  I'm sure you understand exactly what I am speaking of. Its the same with some of you....I feel a strong spiritual connection with you,even though we have never even met face to face!
If we never have the opportunity to meet here...we will know one another there! I truly believe that to be so. Blessings on your week my dear friends,and thanks for stopping by for a little "Tea Talk"


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding Shelley. They can be so stressful :( Heat has not visited the mountains as of yet. A couple of days in the high 80's but nothing more... Have a blessed evening! m.

Anonymous said...

Your church is a true Christian community of believers! So nice!

I hope your surgery and your dad's goes well. That is not fun at all! It always seemed to me, that people need to retire just to have time to go to dr. appts!

I remember your heat blogging from last year ...I know how TX is! hot hot hot!

Olivia said...

Shelley thank you for mentioning the connection that you feel with your readers. I feel the same way about you even though we have never met.
You have a busy month ahead. Good news about your BP. Less medicine is always a plus. I live in AZ and it is getting really hot here. Yesterday it was 114 but no humidity. But than again I live in the desert. Blessings and take care.