Jul 18, 2013

Here I go again......

My girls room when they were young

I have decided I am an eclectic gal! Meaning....selecting or choosing from different sources! Yes,that would be me,and that would be my home style. I said before I wouldn't be discussing the topic of style regarding my home,but maybe just this one more time  :)  Please,forgive me. I have always felt if I wanted primitive...I needed to be prim completely,if I wanted cottage ,it was the same. I just can't stay happy with that decision when I like so many other styles as well. Mostly vintage,cute cottage,country,farmhouse,flea market....oh,you name it,except modern...I haven't seen any modern home style that's tickles my fancy yet!  :)
So that's my home style....Simply Eclectic Shelley Style,and that's.....that!
Still keeping it as uncluttered and clean as I possibly can! Changes coming in a future post!
Take a look at the picture at the top...its not real clear,but that is my two daughters room in the early 1990's. Its more of a make do,but it was fun,and they loved it!
Here are some images below,I found on Google of some eclectic designs.

Google image


This one below has a mixture of many styles....notice the wood,brick,ceramic.
I see cottage,country,prim,and vintage here!

Be blessed sweet friends


Mrs. G said...

I so get that! I am the same way. There is no rhyme or reason behind my home's interior. I see something that I like and I get it and put it someplace. My family calls me "unstable hippie" but I like to call myself, "Eccentrik-Ekklectik". Whatever it is, it just kind of flows together. LoL

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Shelley, I am an eclectic girl, too! Just impossible to pin myself down to one style! I've decided it's okay, it's just me. Your style is always sweet and I always enjoy seeing pictures of your home. Have a wonderful day! Twyla

marie said...

I'm with you Shelley...eclectic all the way! I pretty always have been. Like you, I love too many styles to settle on one!

You always make it blend together in such a cute way. Have fun with
"Simply Eclectic Shelley Style"!!

Kim @ Light Cottage said...

Me too!! I like anything that has a homey feel to it. Thanks for sharing Shelley, it's always fun to visit your home!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Shelly, I love your girls quilts..It brought back such fun memories. I made one for my daughter's bed ,back in the 80's too.. She and I both loved it.

I don't know what to call myself Shelly.. Because I like lots of stuff.. And I don't care if it goes together as a theme or not.. If I like it , and its pretty, I bring it home , to fit in somewhere/ lol Just decorate what you like and enjoy ..You are the one that lives there.. That is my thoughts anyway, ha.

I hope you never quit showing us your beautiful home.. I so love all your pretty things, and the way you organize them.. You give me so many ideas.[and all the reds in there.. I love!!

Enjoy your pretty stuff.. hugs.

Anonymous said...

You just enjoy yourself so much as you use whatever style fits for the day! I love how you decorate and think it is very warm, friendly and homey! And I mix whatever styles I like, too!

Love you girl's room!

Lily, WA, USA

Marqueta Graham said...

Dear Shelley,

Eclectic decorators unite! :) As long as it's pretty and makes you happy, that's the best style there is. Trying to keep it clean and uncluttered is a whole different challenge altogether!



janice15 said...

Shelley I'm Victorian and mixed with Shabby chic and 50's style... but my Victoria presence is a definite in my home and people have told me so many times.. I think it's just what you like.. I love your style as well.. I like so many things... As long as we are all happy rite.. I couldn't live with my home just one way... Happy Friday with love Janice

Peggy said...

I think I've given up trying to have one style. I like what I like, and if it makes me happy then that's what I want to surround myself with. My home is definitely a mixture of things.