Aug 5, 2013

Another Book by Gladys

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I am reading my second book by Gladys Taber. I am so inspired by her writing,she had such a graceful way of expressing her thoughts in book form. I found this book "Country Chronicle" at our beautiful new library in the next little small town from our even smaller town,seven miles away  :)  Our small town, unfortunately doesn't have a public library,but there are two very nice one seven miles away from us...east or west,either way.  Same with grocery stores! I choose east...because, I have always used this one,I am familiar with the sweet ladies who work there,and visiting there brings back fond memories of years ago when I lived in that town and would walk to this library with my children when they were small. Of course,that was in the much smaller building,that was quite like a comfortable old home,with a big fire place in the center. Those ladies always kept a fire burning there on cold winter months....I would grab a book off the shelf and sit by the fire and read while my kiddos enjoyed the children's section.

Jaxon and I, in front of the new building.

And this is the old, much smaller ,and quaint library. 

Anyway,back to this book.....while reading inspires me to write my own chronicle of  the 20 plus years I have lived here on Red Rock Hill. Just maybe I will someday!


Miss Gladys, herself at her typewriter in her bedroom at Stillmeadow. That would be her dear cat, Amber, sitting in the window sill.

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And the path leading from the gate to the door of the ancient Stillmeadow house,built in 1690. I would love to pass through this gate and walk over the threshold of that door. After reading two of her books,I truly feel as I have!

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If you are an old soul as me,and enjoy the simple things in too will love the books by Gladys then and be inspired. Have a blessed week friends.


Peggy said...

You should definitely start writing about your time at Red Rock Hill! You have a gift for writing. What a wonderful thing it would be to share with all your grandbabies! I too, love the idea of a simpler time and a simpler life. I keep trying!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Shelley. I think I read one when I was a teenager, but that was a long time ago. I have very fond memories of the library I went to as a child and took my children to, but sadly, it is no longer a library. We have fond memories of it. I definitely think you should write your memoirs! Have a nice week! Twyla I

Anonymous said...

I have never read her...but I know I'll enjoy it. Like you, I am an old soul and thoroughly enjoying my simple life :0) m.

Sharon said...

I love Gladys Taber too. I found her book looking on the library shelves for another book.

Your quaint library makes me think of the library in the movie, "Winn Dixie". Libraries don't come any "quainter" than that. In fact, I doubt there are ANY libraries in the country like the one in that movie. I do like your old one, and I'm sure the new one is good, too. I dread the day will come when our quaint old library will succumb to a modern building. So far, so good, though. Jaxson is a cutie pie standing next to Grandma!

Sharon said...

For your enjoyment:
There was a web site - looks to be gone now - that went into more detail of her home, her swimming hole, her friend, (widow lady) that lived with her, her dogs, etc. I hope you can find that. There were pictures of her home and how it looks today. I think (not sure if I remember correctly) that people can visit the home now.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

The book sounds great.. I love visiting the library too.. Hope your feeling all better now.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I am a big fan of Gladys Taber, too. The last time I tried to check her books out at our county library, they no longer had any. I ended up buying used copies of them online. The ones I bought were very reasonably priced, though there are some editions that are quite pricey. They were well worth the investment, because I go back and reread certain chapters according to the seasons.

The picture of you and Jaxson in front of the library is great. You both look like you are having so much fun together.

Deb said...

I am sure going to look for some of her books. Sure hope our library has some. I think you should write your memoirs. Enjoy the week and thanks for the reading recommendation!