Aug 25, 2013

Five Souls


Its been a lovely Sunday. Morning service ,a trip to the store with daughter for a few household goods, back home to my little mobile cottage,lunch and a nap. Soon back for the evening service. Such is my usual Sundays...what I call the Lord's Day. There were five souls which surrendered to the Lord today.....what a wonderful thing,more wonderful than anything else I know. A reason for the angels to rejoice and a reason for us to rejoice as well. Tis what church is all about!

On another note...I finished reading Hitty Her First Hundred Years, the book I got from the library. I enjoyed it so much. What a blessing good books are to me these days. One day this past week I was in so much pain (not from my recent surgery) ,but dealing with chronic pain .....some days are worse than others,then some days are horrible, and this day happened to be horrible. Anyway , having good books to read when I can't make myself do anything else , but just lay in bed, my books are a huge comfort to me. I will share soon the books I received in that surprise package. I am still so happy about that  :)  I pray you all have a blessed week.

Blessings dear friends


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, yes, Shelley! I am rejoicing, too! Twyla 24

Denise said...

Angels have rejoiced with Your congregation,wonderful to hear.I love the type this post was done in.You are so computer savvy,if You lived next door I could learn so much from You :)Love and hugs-Denise

Anonymous said...

Let the rejoicing begin! :) m.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Heaven has 5 more of God's much loved children to embrace for eternity! Woo-Hoo! *Rejoicing!*

Sorry to hear about your pain and pray for better days.