Aug 17, 2013

Morning Glory......

I sat outside on my porch this morning and thoroughly enjoyed the temperatures in the 60's. With a slight breeze as was wonderful. It makes me want to end the summer now and rush autumn on its way :)   I know some of you won't agree. I guess it really depends on what the weather is like where you live. This is certainly a glorious change in the weather for us here in East Texas. I thought how fun it would have been to be out walking through some flea market grounds somewhere on a day like this, but it wasn't to be. Truly, I can't do that as well as I once could anyway ,but I would still try :)  I stayed home all day, puttering around the house. My neighbor daughter came and gave my floors a good sweeping and scrubbing as well as vacuuming the carpet. Those jobs are very hard on me these days. I can't tell you what a help that was for her to have done those things for me. I would so rather do things for myself,but I guess there comes a time for everyone, to need extra helping hands at some point in our lives. I am just grateful to have willing hands to offer the help when its needed. Which is more so these days than ever before.

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I am looking forward for a beautiful day in the Lord tomorrow. I count it a privilege to attend much more so when I read of the church being persecuted in other countries around the world,especially in Egypt at this sad. I pray for peace there. You can read more about that here , if you like.
I dream of the day when there is peace in all the earth and Christ rules and reigns among all people....a time when there will be no more sin... a time when God's will ...will be done on earth, as it is heaven! Oh, what a day that will be. I pray your Lord's day is very blessed....Shelley

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Anonymous said...

The state of the world is what it is...but we must keep our eyes firmly on HIM that knows it and controls it!

What a blessing to have helping hands come to help you out when you need it :)

Blessings to you Shelley...