Aug 12, 2013

My Raggedy Love

Other dolls will come and go,but Raggedy Ann with always be the one doll closest to my heart. She just isn't a doll ...she is a dear friend. She came into my life at a very sad time in my childhood, and her big wide smile cheered me on to be happy! Since that time...she still continues to remind me that although our lives may have times of disappointment and grief.....there is always....ALWAYS....something to smile about and be thankful.....indeed! 
Funny how something as simple as an old rag doll can conjure up sweet thoughts of yonder days.

Raggedy Ann and friends.

Another sweet Raggedy fan

My 33 inch Ann.

My own kiddos...years ago.

Granddaughter , Jalyn.

This Chatty Cathy belongs to another blogging friend here.
 I believe she made that cute outfit herself.

My B-D girl on the right..with her sister..created by the same sweet lady.

A handmade pair...I  no longer own.

My B-D Ann....I purchased her for  myself from this sweet lady on my 50th birthday! On the 16th of this month ,that will be four years ago....we both share the same birthday  :)

Here she is again......

Here's the link to My Raggedy Love broad from can go there and follow if you like...if you have a pinterest account.

Blessings have a great week, Shelley


Peggy said...

There is something special about Raggedy Ann. Love the picture of your kiddos once upon a time...Oh where does the time go?

Anonymous said...

I came to discover Raggedy Ann and Andy when I was 12yrs old and was a new citizen of this country.

When my daughter was born, it was the first doll I gave her. It calmed her so much during the times we spend in the hospital.

I really like Raggedy Ann and her brother :) m.

janice15 said...

Lovely Shelley... I love Raggedy Ann too.. but my favorite was ms Chatty Cathy I had one brand new and my brother took out her motor and ruined her I was broken hearted.. I have recently made a group on facebook called Chatty Cathy.. and I remembered one Holloween I dressed my son and daughter up as Raggedy ann and andy........ it was great lovely post.. With love Janice

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Love them all.. Raggedy Ann and Andy will always be a favorite.