Sep 16, 2013

Almost Autumn

Autumn 2011
My plans this week are to clean house and decorate for Fall. Its just a few days away from the official date, Sept. 22 . I have actually felt a hint of fall in the air. I am in the mood to celebrate the occasion  :)
I don't intend to do a lot ,but some to be sure. I used to decorate to the max,but with each passing year...I seem to dwindle down more and more with the decorations. The days seem to go by so fast and then its time to put the decorations away and that's more work. When the kids were home we loved filling the home with lots of decorations for every season and holiday. Now,they have their own homes to decorate for their families...such as it should be! Even my youngest has his own place now. His walls are pictures,no decor at all...other than some dirty clothes in the floor and shoes strewed about :)  I offered to come over and decorate for him,and he refused you believe that? No,  mama....I can do without the vintage  :)
He knows me well..haha
I can't wait to visit your homes and see all of your decorating for the upcoming holidays. I have already seen some blogs with fall decorating featured.....very inspiring ones too! And of inspiration there to be had! I may be absent a day or so, while trying to accomplish my task at hand...,but maybe when I return...I will have some pictures to share....blessings friends...hope your week is lovely.


Karen Andreola said...

Your son's "I can do without the vintage," made me chuckle. My son sees no reason to decorate with things from "days gone by." He's a modern "science" guy. My married daughters are another matter. They like a mixture of old and new. It is rewarding to spy out their homey decorations. Some of are what I handed down to them or made for them.
Your fall "peek" is cheery.
Karen A.

Anonymous said...

Hello Shelley...I have yet to begin to decorate for Autumn. Tonight, the mountains will have its first hard frost! :) m.

Bama @ Dolls of an Era said...

Hi Shelley! Fall is my favorite! I normally decorate for the seasons, but have not done a lot in the last couple of years, except for Christmas. We have had our daughter & her family living here so my seasonal decor is packed away and I can't get to it. I'm thankful that we had the insight to keep the Christmas stuff close at hand. I look forward to seeing all your pretties!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Love the coffee can arrangement. Adorable!! I don't do much fall decorations either.. I love the colors, but it is so close to Christmas. And too hard to put all that stuff up and get to Christmas.
[I think i have really gotten]
I laughed when I read what your son said.. My daughter has had her own home for a long time..But, she is not into the country/vintage/junk that I like. She will help me some times and say,"oh Mama, I don't know how you stand all this junk!! It would drive me crazy..You have too much junk!}hahahaa.
Junk is in the eye of the beholder, I say..

Peggy said...

I'm ready! My plan is also to pull out some decorations this week. I love the colors of fall!

Mrs. G said...

Fall is my favorite season and I used to welcome it with full regalia. Now, I'm like you. A few decorations here and there. A new wreath on the front door, a few pumpkins, garland, and pumpkin spice candles on the mantle, and sunflowers on the kitchen table, and that about it, these days. Doesn't seem like enough time between Fall and Christmas, to warrant all the stuff I used to put out, but I do like a little color to brighten the day.

I adore that coffee can. And I don't know how your son can say that about Vintage! LoL My son could care less if he ever had anything on the walls...other than a hook to hang his hat.

Grace & Peace

Anonymous said...

Enjoy making your sweet home all ready for Autumn! I look forward to the photos!
Lily, WA, USA

Barbara Neubeck said...

Shelley..I love all the Autumn colours and decorations.... your coffee tin of flowers is beautiful..
Here in Australia we don't do seasonal themes... except for Christmas.....(I think we're a bit
I used to go all out for Christmas but I'm doing less and less each year now.....too old and tired now.....Have a great time with your decorating....
Hugs and Blessings
Barb xx

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Shelly dear, thank you for your compliments on my new goodies. I had NO business buying one single thing as I have plenty...but..there is always that little thingy that we think we need! :)
Your son...called your decorating...VINTAGE? dare he!! LOL Yeah, I'm a bit vintage too... :)
Big hugs,

annie said...

I hope you have a wonderful Autumn season! My son is still throwing his clothes on the floor, I think that began the day we brought him home and has never stopped! grin
I love seeing what everyone else does also. What fun to view all the photos!