Sep 24, 2013

My Hitty

My Hitty

My Hitty has been wondering about Red Rock Hill , getting familiar with her new surroundings. She was intrigued by this old bird cage and climbed right in to sit for a spell. I do hope she leaves before the bird returns. I wouldn't want her found in a predicament, such as Hitty in the book...Hitty Her First Hundred Years. Do you know the she ended up in a crows nest? If must read the book.

Google image
 I found a website that sells all things Hitty....way to expensive for me,but it sure was fun browsing through the pages , seeing all the neat things available. If you would like to take a look see...go here.

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Isn't this a nice Hitty room...from that same website!

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And here is a little group of Hittys having tea. Isn't the tiny one just darling?  Yes, My Hitty must have her very own doll too  :)

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With the weather starting to change a bit and getting cooler...I must try my hand at something warm for my Hitty to wear. Maybe something similar to what this little Hitty is wearing in the picture above. Mind you...I did say try  :)  and I shall!  Blessings friends


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet doll. I still can not believe I had never heard of the Hitty dolls.
blessings, jill

Serenata said...

Have fun making something warmer for Hitty. My Hitty family have been saying they all want something NEW and warmer...but they will have to stand in line!

Isn't Hitty just great though and such fun?!

AuntLou said...

Hitty is just a sweetheart. (I almost said, "a doll.") Perhaps I shall have my own, someday. In the meantime, thank you for more ways to look at her in all her incarnations. --blessings :)

Sew Blessed Maw said...

I love your Hitty Doll.. so cute. I so enjoyed looking at the websight.. Sure would make you want all the sets.ha
Nice too look at and get ideas.. Love your Hitty in the birdcage..

Denise said...

I'm almost embarrassed to admit,but I don't know about Hitty but the name is a bit familiar.I must go out and try to find the books-library I suppose.When My girls where little I think I remember seeing it. Hugs to You Denise

Bama @ Dolls of an Era said...

Your Hitty is a sweetie for sure! I enjoy the websites you posted, but too rich for me as well. My Hitty girls live on a shelf with very simple furnishings. One day, I hope to make them a small house with separate rooms. I hope your Hitty's warmer items turn out nicely. I wish I could knit. I love little knitted things. :o)

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I think your Hitty is going to have a wonderful time with you!
Lily, WA, USA

DollZandThingZ said...

You have really embraced the spirit of Hitty! Yes, Hittys require/acquire a "lot of stuff" and it will be fun collecting for her. Did you know that they "tell you" their name? That is part of the fun of the lore that they whisper it to you...when you look at other people's dolls you will see how they are named. Know what else is fun? They don't take up much space! Have fun...but I think you are already having fun! xx

Karen Andreola said...

My girls read "Hitty the First Hundred Years" when they were homeschooled. I read it a couple years ago and so enjoyed it. I love children's books and have been catching up on some that I missed.
Yes, do try and make something warm for your doll. I knit two shawls for my china doll - and had to start one over and try again - one cream for going out, and one red - for Christmas. Helen still needs a shawl for everyday - something in a natural brown wool that she can do some housework in without a worry about kitchen stains. Don't I sound silly?