Sep 27, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now

I love looking out the kitchen window over the sink into the woods behind my little mobile cottage. I live on almost six acres of what you see out this window, but it's kinda hard seeing the true beauty of the wood with the glass so speckled.

I cleaned the inside of the glass good, and the outside as best I could. Now, that's much clearer  :)

I would love to clear a path through these woods for a natural walking trail....there is a cheek that flows through the wood as well. I could do so many things if only ...well you know!  I have said it before :)  We do what we can...right?   Right!  There is paint still to be put on my cottage as well....hopefully before Christmas. Everyone has just been busy..busy. My kiddos, I mean.

If you mean to do any decorating for Autumn this is a list of some suggestions below from Susan Branch....have fun...blessings to you dear friends


Anonymous said...

What beauty surrounds you Shelley! :) m.

AuntLou said...

I love Susan Branch's work. I had great ideas about making trails in our bitty woods, too. So far, it's just a tangle.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

What a wonderful view you have! I would love to have a woods like that behind my home. Susan Branch's work is wonderful. Her words and art always capture the seasons perfectly.

I can imagine you telling your sweet grand Jaxson all about the woods as you walk along the edge of it.

marie said...

I love Susan Branch's suggestions...and the view through your window too!
I just mailed two of those little motion scarecrows to my for her and one for her friend. They both love them!

Deborah Hamilton said...

You have a beautiful view. It reminds me of my aunt's property over in Wood County. A foot path would indeed be nice.

Raymond Homestead said...

A wonderful view!

Earlene Landis said...

Great wooded view Shelley!!!
Happy Saturday friend!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Love the view ,through your kitchen window.. How beautiful..
Fall is in the air.. Such pretty weather..
Best wishes on the painting.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful woods you have to enjoy looking at! I hope to move to a wooded area in a few years and would love it!
Jax's photos are so sweet! Tell him we love to see him here!
Lily, WA, USA