Sep 13, 2013

No Regrets

Because of the very hot summer,I was so tempted to cut my hair,but its been years since it has been this long. I just couldn't do it.  My granddaughter Jalyn loves playing beauty shop and brushing my hair. My little grandson Jaxon wanted to take a picture of me, thus the picture above!   My daughters have been after me to color my hair, I had rather just let it go gray naturally. They tell me over and over that I am not old. But I feel old,very old at times, and not so old at other times! I think because I started my adult life so very young at just 15 years old, keeping house,raising children, tending to the demands of a very controlling husband. Could this be why I feel older than some friends my own age or even friends older than me? Not that I regret my life, mind you.  I do have a few regrets from my past,but I loved being a mother and the keeper of our home. I cherish those memories, those years spent at home with my children. God must have had a reason for having these hairs turn gray, so for now....I shall let them be.   I am in a different season of my life now. I do not regret growing older. There is a spiritual gift that comes with aging, it seems so to me anyway. I can see and feel more with the spiritual aspect than when I was a younger adult. I have a much greater appreciation for so many things in life in general today, than I had years ago.Yet, my body has aged much faster than what should be normal for 54 years. While my body has grown spirit has grown stronger. And still there are many questions I ask myself...about myself. Questions... I cannot answer for myself! Not at this time anyway....maybe in another season of my life. So what does "Aging Gracefully" or Gratefully, if you will, mean to you?  To me it means accepting the natural changes in your body that come with natural aging. No covering up or hiding those changes in order to present yourself as younger than what your true age is. And in the same sense, is it wrong to appear or act older than what our age truly is ,as well? Maybe the phrase is true after all...One is only as young or as old as they feel. To be honest, I don't think I ever felt my correct age. At 15, I felt much more mature, but looking back now...I see what a child I still was, in so many ways. I learned very quick what I needed too though..I grew up fast ,but gracefully too!    All my life I have felt different in some ways...being an "old soul" is how I describe this feeling, and in no way am I referring to past lives, as some persons understanding of an old soul is,because I don't believe in such. I know there are some things I need to change to benefit my body, to make it more healthier. I only pray I find my way through his way. I want to live as long as the Lord wills me too. I know he has a future for me....what that exactly is,I don't know yet. But I do know it will be good...for all that God does is good. And all that he does will work out for my good just the same.

 Though thy beginning was small, thy latter end should greatly incease. Job 8:7

No,I don't mind growing older at all.

Hair that is turning white is like a crown of honor. It is found in the way of being right with God.
Proverbs 16:31 NLV

Guess,I will continue to wear my crown proudly  :)
I will embrace each new day of my life as one more stepping stone toward eternity...I know my days are numbered. I pray I make each one count for God's glory.


Deborah Hamilton said...

Shelley, I know exactly how you feel. I also have long hair and it's turning white around my face. I don't think I could cut it. When the weather is hot, I just wear it up. Growing older is indeed wonderful, and unless you experience it yourself, you don't understand that. I was sixty-one in July, and I'm having the best time of my life right now, and look forward to I am losing some weight slowly but surely. Stay sweet and keep your hair the way you feel comfortable with. Have a good weekend!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Hi, Shelley!
I always say, do what is right for you!

Although I didn't start keeping house at 15, I did leave home at 15 and married at 18- but yet until recently, I've felt much younger than my actual years. Menopause is finally making me realize that I am NOT a young girl anymore! :)

I had let my hair go grey for 10 years and I loved it but now I'm enjoying being a brunette again. :) I'm think of letting it go when Bobby retires. ♥

Anonymous said...

my hair too, is long...too long for an 'old' lady of 51 I have been told. It will stay long and I wait for the gray. I was a yuppie in my younger days, so everything had to look perfect. My hair (short and blonde), perfect nails, clothes. I love being 'old' and relaxing a bit on my appearance. As long as my husband is not complaining, I must look OK. I will leave the beauty contests to the younger gals.

Thank you the scripture. I will place that one on my heart.
blessings, jill

Bama @ Dolls of an Era said...

Hi Shelley! This is my first visit to your blog and what a beautiful post! Well done! I confess that I do color my hair once in awhile, but my Mama used to say that the grays are natural highlights that are earned. And she was right! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley,

What does it mean to grow old gracefully to me? I think that as our bodies lose their youthful strength and endurance our souls and spirits should and finally can become stronger and more gentle in ways that can only come after most of a lifetime is lived. We can finally see realities that our young eyes could not yet recognize. God can do a powerful work in an older person that a younger one might not be ready for.

My hair – at 61 years of age is is waist length, becoming a silver halo around my face, (as my MIL graciously says of it), and I wear it up. These day I want to be as genuinely myself as I can in all the best ways, even in what it now my new natural hair color! I do use good conditioners that are more needed on it but I want it to be long, silver and real!

Thank you for your beautiful post and asking us to join in. I enjoyed everyone else’s post, too!

Love to you,

DollZandThingZ said...

I am older than hair is the same length! Haven't colored in a decade but it isn't very gray. There was a time when all women had long hair and wore it is nice to see that so many of your readers have long hair in common. Who knew?

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Shelley, what I've come to realize as I get older is that so much of what we think in life is important really doesn't matter. We strive to achieve things and goals and it is all vanity. The only thing that really matters is Jesus. I feel renewed in my spirit as each day I spend more time with Him. Twyla

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley.
Just want you to know i started a blog..mostly for recipes to show my kids how to do stuff. It is not social, no comment section...
Your hair is beautiful. I finally started accepting that I am growing old (56 now) took me a few years to get over the shock of where did my 30's and 40's go! ha..

Peggy said...

It seems like the older I get, the more challenges with health come my way. But it also makes every moment more precious, and simple things like a treasure. I wish I could get my hair long and full like that again. My health problems have caused it to be thin and it doesn't grow as fast as it used to. I think it's beautiful!